My husband’s put on so much weight it’s disgusting, I’m embarrassed to be seen with him

WHEN YOU have been with someone for a long time, it's common for you both to change during the relationship.

But one mum has revealed her husband's waist-line and personality has changed so much in the course of their relationship, she isn't sure if she wants to continue it.

The mum took to netmums anonymously to reveal how she is thinking of leaving her husband.

She reveals they have been together for nine years and married for six with two children together.

Her husband also had two children from a previous relationship.

But she has grown tired of her husband and his weight gain, explaining she has tried all sorts of ways to tell him it is disgusting but that he seems to not listen.

She explained that at the beginning of their relationship everything he liked about her, such as traveling, going to the theatre, and taking care of her appearance were now things he hated.

She added: "He really fancied me, and loved my appetite for life! I'm a really positive person. He used to shower me with gifts – Chanel perfume, Tom Ford perfume, Mulberry bags/ purses."

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The mum admits that before they wed six years ago, she told him she had felt 'duped' as his personality changed. "He started to call me shallow and superficial and fake for being into how I look," she explained.

Six years on and he is still telling her off for going to hair appointments and making an effort with her appearance, and often moans about how much she spends on it when his haircut only costs £5.

She explained she does not rely on her husband for money and they both have well-paying jobs, but that he still becomes controlling of her finances.

On top of that, she says his weight gain has been off-putting for her.

She wrote: "It's disgusting and I hate saying that as I sound like a terrible person, but his jeans don't fit him, and he has that much weighing his pockets down that they fall below his tummy and his tummy hangs over, but even worse his pubic hair is hanging over the top.

"From the back, you can see a good 6 inches of his bum too.

"It's horrible and embarrassing."

She added: "He gloats to me about how old his clothes are – saying things like this shirt is 20 years old. It looks 20 years old – he can afford new but he dresses so scruffy."

The mum also said her husband was terrible with keeping plans with family and had no friends, making her his only outlet.

She asked users for advice on whether to end her marriage and if she was being shallow for her decisions, but most users were supportive of her.

One wrote: "Apart from controlling me financially, he's lovely. No, he's not. He's rubbishing you to your parents, for a start. Lovely men don't do that. Neither do they pretend to be one thing to trick a woman into a relationship, then change so drastically once they don't have to bother anymore."

"I don't think you sound shallow, though on surface-level some of the things read that way. I think he sold you a package that wasn't entirely natural to him, to win you over (so many men do this – maybe women too, but I have only seen it from the male species) and over time he lost the ability or desire to keep it up."

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