My mom swears by a three ingredient DIY fertilizer to make your plants stronger and healthier – it’s so easy to make | The Sun

A FLORIDA-BASED mom has revealed her secret recipe that will make your plants stronger and healthier.

If her garden was anything to go by, her three-ingredient DIY fertilizer certainly worked.

There can be no doubting Judy Bao's (@judybaogarden) green-fingered skills.

Her garden is a veritable paradise, packed solid with abundant fruit and colorful flowers.

Her expert knowledge has seen her attract an enormous following of over 943,000 and another 13.7 million likes on her TikTok.

“Welcome to Mama Judy’s garden,” she announced herself on her platform from her Tampa home.

In a new post, narrated by her son, he revealed the DIY fertilizer Judy swears by.

“Today mom’s showing us one way she helps her plants grow healthier and greener," he said.

Standing in her garden, Judy set to work on her recipe. “You need coconut, Epson Salts, one gallon of water, and one cup of salt," she explained.

She put the salt into the water and mixed it up. After this, she added the coconut shells and soaked them. “Wait for two weeks before you use it," she said.

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When ready, this water solution was the perfect feed for the garden. Judy showed just how it worked in her green patch.

“You use it for any plant like strawberry or lettuces," she said. “You use it for flowers. And you’re done," she smiled.

Commenters were grateful for her tip.

“Thank you I will try this," promised one fan.

Another was super impressed: “Your mom has taught me so much. She needs to write a book.”

There was more gratitude from the concluding remark: “Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. Happy gardening," they said.

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