My mother-in-law calls my baby her own and even called herself his mom – and that’s just the beginning of it

A FED-UP daughter-in-law has taken her issues with her mother-in-law to the internet. 

She claimed her husband’s mother is trying to take control of her baby – and even has called herself his mother.

The woman noted that her mother-in-law is “very sweet,” but is overbearing and has flown to her household four times in two months to be with her newborn grandson.

“She takes over during these visits and won’t let me hold [my] baby unless he’s hungry and even then she ‘holds him off’ until he’s screaming and crying in a fit,” the new mother wrote in an anonymous post to Reddit. 

“If he coughs, sneezes, or hiccups she freaks out saying that she’s so worried about him and is constantly giving us unrequited advice and suggestions on taking care of him,” she continued.

Apparently, the mother-in-law even stopped the daughter-in-law from taking the newborn to visit his father at work for no reason.

And while she seems to certainly be acting like the child’s actual mother, the mother-in-law has even called herself his mom.

“She goes as far as calling my son her baby and has even accidentally referred to herself as mommy on more than a few occasions,” the upset mother revealed. 

When she’s away, the grandmother also expects to be on FaceTime with her grandson “constantly” and expects frequent photo updates – and that’s not the worst part. 

The poster explained that her husband’s mother has booked yet another ticket to visit them, and is “guilt-tripping and pressuring” her and her husband to fly to her for the holidays despite them explaining that it’s too soon to travel with their little one. 

Even worse, the woman feels like she’s hurting her husband’s feelings whenever she complains about his mother, but admitted she is finding it harder and harder to not lash out at her mother-in-law.

The woman has not shared an update about the situation, but she may feel comforted if she reads the comment under her post, as the internet seems to sympathize with her.

“Look I get it, she’s excited,” one person who claimed to be a grandmother wrote under the post. 

“You MUST stop this now or this will be the next 20 years of your life,” she added.

“Your son is not her do-over baby,” another person advised.

“She needs to step back and your husband needs to have a very stern conversation with her.”

A third user noted that the mother has no obligation to accept this kind of behavior and urged her to set boundaries. 

“It will be tough at first – especially as your Mommy's Boy husband is no help whatsoever, but set boundaries now or this situation will go downhill,” they suggested. 

“The baby is yours, make it clear she doesn't have an automatic right to influence his daily routine.”

Unfortunately, this woman isn’t the only person who has vented about a controlling mother-in-law online. 

One woman similarly claimed her mother-in-law’s friend tried convincing her children that she was their real mother.

Another mother previously said she does not let her mother-in-law watch her baby because she refused to feed the baby the breast milk she provided.

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