My mum gave birth to me at 18 years old, people mistake us for sisters

A MUM and daughter have been mistaken for sisters due to their 19 year age gap.

The young woman shared the video to her 1.1 million TikTok followers filming herself and her mother.

In the video, posted to her account masshroom, she plays Lil Wayne's song Bedrock, she shows the striking similarity between her and her mum.

She wrote in the video: "Mum gets married at 17 and gives birth to me at 18."

She then lip-synced to the lyrics: "Okay I get it, let me think, I guess it's my turn."

Her mum is believed to be 33-years-old and her daughter is 14-years-old, but plenty of viewers didn't notice the age gap between them.

And the video, which has been viewed over five million times has had hundred of comments with people saying how stunning they both are and how they thought the duo were either friends or sisters.

One wrote: "Gosh, y'all both so pretty."

Another wrote: "At first they look like friends."

The stunning duo posted some more videos together, one video is captioned; "when everyone has their own vibe."

The video shows her mum in a stunning full-length, red ball gown and her stunning daughter in a cream ensemble topped with a brown cowboy hat.

The comments are inundated with people saying how pretty the pair are.

In another video the mum and daughter are lying down on their bed simply miming a song and people couldn't believe it was her mum.


Another commented: "I thought she was your sister or your friend!"

"I thought that was your sister HELLO." said another.

Another person exclaimed: "She really said 'copy and paste,' y'all are gorgeous."

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