My neighbour complained when my kids swam outside so I put up a fence to shut her up – a 6ft high, 350ft long one | The Sun

THEIR kids loved playing in the lake outside their house.

But the noise of their frolicking drew complaints from their neighbours.

So one dad decided to take things into his own hands – by erecting a 6ft high, 350ft long fence along the property line between their house and their neighbours'.

"When we got fed up with our s**tty neighbours harassing the kids when they play in the pond," he wrote over his TikTok video, which began with a shot of his four kids gleefully jumping into the water.

"Kids should be able to be loud and laugh outside!"

Although they had already put in a wire fence and "privacy trees", the trees hadn't grown as high as they wanted.

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"So we put up a fence on the property line, 6 feet high… 250 feet long," he continued.

"Enjoy the view, a**holes."

The fence installation didn't go down too well with the neighbours, with the woman allegedly turning on "her hose on to try and flood the area".

Her reported attempt didn't work, however, and the HUGE fence remained solidly in place.

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"Now we can play without watchful eyes!" he concluded.

He added in the caption: "Who else has sh**ty neighbours?"

"Fences make the best neighbours," one person wrote in the comments section in response to the video.

"Whyyyy, just whyyyy ??" another asked.

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"My lord, people need to chill out and enjoy life and the sights and sounds of life! Good for you !! Let them chillens play !!!"

"So sad… I will never understand why someone would want to make their lifelong neighbours their enemies," someone else weighed in.

"mine sit on their top deck and watch. we are going to try arborvites but it'll take years," another wrote.

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To which the dad replied: "So frustrating! We planted green giant thujas on our side of the fence.

"They grow 3-5 feet per year. Mature height is 40 feet tall x 5ft wide."

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