My neighbour found out I’m on benefits and now demands I pay for her shopping

A WOMAN has taken to Reddit to complain about her neighbour, who constantly asks her to buy her shopping, and called her an "asshole" when she wouldn't.

Explaining the situation, the single mum said that her new neighbour, who moved in at the beginning of November, is "constantly pestering me for different groceries".

"Right before Thanksgiving, I went to the grocery store and had to go to several because most of the stores were out of things," she explained. "

"She waited until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to do her shopping. They were out of a lot of things.

"She sent me a long text with about 20-30 things she "needed". I told her I didn't have most of the items but had a few. She begged for the few that I had.

"Since I had extra I gave her what I had (3 jars of peanut butter, 4 cans of green beans, 6 cans of beans, and 2 cans of cranberry sauce).

"She said thank you but never offered to pay or replace them."

She followed that by sending her messages on the first and second weeks of December, asking for things that the poster didn't have.

"I ran errands on Sunday and she sent me a text with about 80 items she wanted me to shop for," she continued.

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"I told her I didn't have the extra money for one and second I didn't have the time to shop for two households.

She got really upset and told me it wouldn't take that much longer to pick up her 80 items. I told her I wasn't able to."

And, as well as frequently giving her lists of things to go and buy for her, the neighbour has even "accidentally" opened the woman's mail, as she is home all day so gets the post for both the rental houses – which are on the same plot.

In doing so, she discovered that the mum is receiving benefits, and used the knowledge to try and convince her to buy the food for her.

"Tonight, my cell phone chirped for a text message while I was giving my son a bath," she explained.

"Within 2 minutes, she is bamming on my door because she needed peanut butter, milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk and butter.

"I told her that I have to stretch my food dollars and cannot afford to keep giving them groceries.

"She replied that I was getting SNAP (she knows this because she 'accidentally' opens my mail constantly).

"I told her I don't get very much and I just qualified on Friday and I had to buy baby food for my son.

"She told me I was being an asshole because they don't qualify for any help and the least that I can do is help them when they need help."

Earlier in the post, the woman had also said that she earns $18,000 a year, while her neighbour had told her her husband earns around $60,000.

In the comments section on the post, the general consensus was that the poster was not in the wrong, and that the neighbour had committed a crime by opening someone else's mail.

"Omg! First off you qualifying for SNAP is absolutely none of her business. She violated federal law by opening your mail," one person wrote.

"I would put a stop to that quickly. Contact your local post office to inform them and see what you can do. I would also talk to your landlord.

"Show him copies of your texts if need be. Tell him she’s opening your mail and admitted it to you.

"Tell your neighbour to stop picking up your mail in person then follow up with a text.

"This reiterates you’re serious and leaves a paper trail. If she texts you again asking/demanding food I would ignore it."

Another person commented: "I don’t believe her husband makes $60k and especially since she is always wanting your food that you need more than her.

"Block her # and remind her you will report to police for illegally opening your mail. She is shady and questionable."

A third person added: "If she knows you get snap, then she knows you need what you have for your son. She just sounds like a parasite."

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