My neighbour let his guest park on my driveway without asking me, but then they got angry at ME for making them late | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how she came home to find a neighbour’s guest parked on her driveway without her permission.

Shockingly, the anonymous woman, who works in a hospital, explained that the neighbour became angry at her, claiming that she had made the guest ‘late.’

Taking to Reddit, the woman explained how she had returned home after a long shift to discover the stranger’s car on her drive.

In her post, she wrote: “I thought about calling a tow truck but I was hungry and tired so I blocked them in instead.

“I eat dinner and fall asleep around 2am.

“I heard someone pounding on my door around 5am and yelling about work but I was too tired to care so I ignored it and went back to sleep.

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“If you're going to park in my driveway, you don't move until I feel like you deserve to. I heard more pounding and yelling around 7 and ignored it again.”

She went on to explain that she eventually got up at around 10am and was quickly confronted by her irate neighbour, who was pounding on her door and asking her to move her car.

The redditor explained that she ignored him once again and only left the house to move her car at 2pm just before her shift at the hospital started.

“My neighbor started yelling about how I was a b**** for parking where I did and it was my fault his friend was late for work,” she recalls.

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“I'm standing there in scrubs trying to leave for my job at the hospital and I told him that his friend was lucky I didn't have their car towed and if I came home to a car in my driveway again I was calling a tow truck.

“He got mad and was still standing there when I drove off. The car was gone when I got home and it hasn't happened since.”

Fellow Redditors were equally outraged by her neighbour’s behaviour, sharing their thoughts in the comments.

One wrote: “Blocking them in and ignoring them taught all of them a lesson.”

Another agreed adding: “They are damn lucky you had to go to work the next day, It would have sucks for them if you had the next couple of days off.”

“I think you handled that with far more restraint than I would have!” commented a third.

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