My neighbour was determined to reserve 'his' parking spot when he wasn't home he bought an old moped to ‘hold the space’ | The Sun

IT can be annoying to find a parking spot close to your home if your road doesn't have designated spaces.

But a man revealed he was left furious after his neighbour decided to “reserve” his spot on the road using a broken moped.

The upset Reddit user uploaded a photo showing the space blocked by the old vehicle.

He added the caption: “My neighbour bought a broken moped to hold his parking spot when he’s not home.”

The post has clearly struck a nerve, and hundreds of people have commented on the neighbour’s actions.

Many Reddit users questioned how long he would get away with using the moped.

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One wrote: “Won’t it have to be taxed if it’s parked on the road? Doesn’t seem worth it by that point really does it?”

Others said they’d had people do it on their streets, with one adding: “One my neighbours did this, so we used to moved it into random places all the time.”

A second commented: “Only works if no one decides to park up close to it.”

However, some praised the idea, with one adding: “Peak passive aggressive public highway behaviour, love it.”

And another said: “If where you live is anything like mine, that'll be in the back of a van in very short order.”

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