My twins were conceived 3 weeks apart… they’re among the rarest in the world, I was pregnant when I got pregnant again | The Sun

A MUM has opened up about her "medical phenomenon" twins, admitting they are among the rarest in the world.

Rebecca Roberts shared her story on her YouTube page, as she explained that it was only when she went for her 12-week scan that she found out she was having twins.

At that point, she was told that there was a three-week size discrepancy between the babies.

She went back for another scan a few weeks later, and was told that once again – there was a three-week gap between the babies.

It turns out that Noah and Rosalie are among the world's rarest twins, as they are only the 14th documented case of superfetation twins globally.

"They are the rarest as they have the biggest conception gap between them," Rebecca wrote alongside an Instagram Reel of the twins.

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"Mummy got pregnant when she was already pregnant," she added over the video.

Supertation occurs when another egg is fertilised by sperm and implanted in the womb either days or weeks later than the first.

"I had 2 scans that showed only one baby…" Rebecca added in a caption for her YouTube video.

"Then I found out I was carrying twins on my 12 week scan.

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"These weren’t any normal twins though, they are so rare they are a medical phenomenon."

People were quick to take to the comments section, with one writing: "I have a twin brother who was conceived 3 weeks before me!

"On the ultrasound scans, the doctors saw an additional growth and thought it was a cyst.

"They continued to monitor it for several weeks and then I developed a heartbeat!

"He weighed 7 lbs 14 ounces and I weighed 5 lbs 8 ounces.

"Both healthy babies! But yeah… it's pretty rare."

"My high school teacher used to say the only safe days is when you are pregnant. Well… She was wrong," another added.

"Same happened to me, it was rough but they’re here and doing well," a third wrote.

Noah and Rosalie are now two years old and "doing well", Rebecca wrote.

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