‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ star Chris O’Donnell’s favorite things from loafers to Levi’s

When you’re the youngest of seven, you learn early on that family comes first. That may be the secret to success for film and TV star Chris O’Donnell, who’s headlined CBS’ top-rated “NCIS: Los Angeles” for nearly 10 years and is now a dad to five kids of his own. The 48-year-old, Chicago-raised actor keeps life hopping — he winters in LA, summers in Maine and in between finds ways to combine his passions for golf, family and authentic Italian pizza. O’Donnell sports duds from his brother John’s clothing label, johnnie-O, when he tees off in golf tournaments around the country. And last year, the actor and his wife, Caroline Fentress, became proprietors of an upscale pizzeria, opening the hit Neapolitan joint Pizzana in Brentwood, with a spinoff coming to West Hollywood in January (their partners include Sprinkles cupcake founders Candace and Charles Nelson and Italian chef Daniele Uditi). Here are a few of the finds O’Donnell will be gifting his famiglia this season.

“This short-sleeved golf polo pullover is my go-to shirt; it’s classic.”

“I’m obsessed with checking in on our place in Maine where we’re not there, so outdoor cameras are the only way to go.”

“They’re so easy to wear that I wind up living in these brown classic chic loafers. They literally go everywhere.”

“Okay, our ‘Cacio e Pepe’ is my favorite pizza of all time, and with good reason. But I love them all.”

“I have worn this same jacket for 30 years, it just goes everywhere.”

“Sometimes I just have to have this particular ice cream and flavor. McConnell’s is a great brand.”

“Call me old school, I still love my Levi’s OGs.”

“I do love my new golf bag — this brand really has the most professional and stylish ones.”

“After a long day, I pour a short glass of this vodka, on the rocks with a slice of orange.”

“These slip-on shoes are so comfy and so easy to put on and take off. My favorites are the navy and white ones.”

“If I have one meal left, it’s going to be this cheeseburger you can only get in the suburbs north of Chicago, where I grew up.”

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