Nine-year-old girl gives her £8 chore money BACK with a sweet note saying her ‘reward will be mum’s happiness’ – The Sun

A DAD has revealed how his daughter gave back her hard-earned chore money alongside a sweet note explaining her 'happy mum' is her reward for helping out.

Rick Dickson, 33, from North Carolina, USA, shared a snap of his daughter's letter to Twitter, and his tweet of the 'precious' note has since gone viral.

The US Army public affairs officer explained that he had given his daughter Kaleigh, nine, an £8 reward ($10) for 'helping above and beyond' with cleaning the house.

But not long after giving her the cash, the dad found the money left on his bedroom chest of drawers alongside a note explaining why.

"So we were cleaning the house and I gave my 9 year old $10 for helping above and beyond," wrote Rick, who lives with his wife Jessica, 31, Kayleigh and two other children, Shealynn, 10, and Konnor, five.

Next to a photo of the folder dollar bills and the note, he added: "Then I come to my dresser and see this."

"You can have your money back because my reward with be moms happiness [sic]," Kayleigh had written. "I also don't need it like you do because you are a dad and you need to pay for things. I also don't want to be greedy. I [love you]."

The note took Twitter by storm with thousands of users liking and responding to the post, praising the dad for his parenting skills and praising Kayleigh for being a 'well-rounded young girl'.

"Sir, you have raised a most awesome child and this reflects who you are, a most awesome father," one person wrote in response.

"You should be and I am certain you are very proud… You sir have accomplished the ultimate goal."

Another agree: "Good kid ! We in the 70’s did not get paid to clean. We learned fast to clean and shovel the neighbours houses! Good job raising your kids!"

Rick explained that he had asked his daughter to help clean the house to surprise his wife, who had been away at a wedding for a few days.

He told the Mail Online: "Kaleigh has asked earlier in the day for a few dollars and I had told her we would see how well she helped clean. When we got done, I gave her the $10.

"A little while later she asked if I had gone in my room yet. I said 'No' and asked why. She said, 'Just wondering.' So then I was curious, of course, and I went in there and found the note."

After finding the note, Rick believed that it was the perfect representation of Kayleigh, who he describes as 'smart and kind with a big heart'.

In between kind words in the comments of his tweet, many parents suggested that he should 'double the cash' as a reward for her selfless kindness.

While others suggested that Rick round up the returned money to £100 and add it to a fund for her college graduation or wedding day.

"You must now write an entire book and document how to achieve this for others," concluded one woman. "Good job, dear sir, raising your precious girl."

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