OneLove Readies Capsule for 'CHINA NEXT' Photography Exhibition

To celebrate the opening of the CHINA NEXT photography exhibition at TX Huaihai in Shanghai, Las Vegas-based creative collective, OneLove, led by Hoyee Li of Starwalk and BUBBLEGUM put together an accompanying special charity capsule. Despite none of its members receiving any formal design education, OneLove uses its platform to help fund and empower the next generation of aspiring creatives.

The capsule is comprised of six T-shirt styles that reference progress despite the COVID-19 pandemic is currently halting international travel and the opportunity for in-person interaction. During this time many entrepreneurs have managed to overcome the boundaries set in place and maintain their creative energy and move forward together.

With each tee named after a friend of the collective, the tees both pay tribute and serve as an allegory of unity, while revealing an approach to design and culture in the current social-political climate. The T-shirt designs develop a cooperative creative language with the works of contemporary Chinese photographers Wing Shya, Chen Man, Xu Chuang, Ka Xiaoxian, No. 223 and Xiong Xiaomo. It is important to note, all proceeds generated by the special charity capsule will go towards funding local university scholarships.

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