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PARIS Hilton and Kim Kardashian's friendship will never be the same because of their contrasting style journeys, a fashion expert has said.

And she claims that while the former "it" girls' friendship looks like it's back on track, their famous fashion bond has gone.

Recently, Paris Hilton made her first red-carpet appearance as a new mom at the Grammys in Los Angeles.

And while her outfit choice drew praise from the music and fashion worlds alike, the 41-year-old socialite looked exactly as expected.

Wearing an elegant black off-the-shoulder gown by Celine and matching black heels, this looked like business as usual for Paris.

By contrast, just a month or so earlier, Kim Kardashian had drawn gasps from her followers when pictures of her at Kathy Hilton's Christmas holiday party were posted online.

While other guests at the bash had dressed up in fun, festive outfits and in red and green, Kim was photographed in a cropped rock convert T-shirt and dramatic studded black leather pants.

That night, it was the Hulu star who stood out, with her fans subsequently calling her "attention-seeking" online.

In an exclusive interview, celebrity style expert Lalla Bronshtein told The U.S Sun: "With Kim, we always expect a spectacle and for statement pieces to be worn.

"Kim wants to attract attention with her clothes and body.

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"Paris looks more natural and has simplified herself, and as a new mom has become sophisticated and elegant.

"It's Paris who has stayed true to herself through the years.

"Her recent outfit at the Grammys shows how her fashion style has naturally evolved while maintaining her love of sparkly pieces.

"Kim's fashion journey couldn't be more different.

"When it comes to their friendship, they don't have the same style or same fashion journey anymore.

"I think the relationship will be centering more around their new famous lifestyles now rather than about fashion."

Originally, Paris and Kim's mutual fixation on fashion and fun helped their friendship quickly blossom.

The pair had become close at preschool in LA and through a like-minded love of parties and clothes, became firm fixtures as It Girls on the LA social scene.

While working on Paris' wardrobe, Kim began appearing on the then-more-famous star's reality show, The Simple Life, and got her foot up in reality TV.

By 2007, Keeping up With the Kardashians was born.

"Paris had that glam LA girl style, which originally gave her that iconic It Girl status," adds Lalla.

"She cultivated her signature style with the velour Juicy Couture tracksuits, platinum blonde hair, and mini sparkling dresses.

"Paris became influential and her commitment to sexiness has been a constant.

"She made luxury 'it' bags and Ugg boots so popular while rocking oversized sunglasses, low-rise jeans, and bright colors.

"Nowadays, she's just matured her LA style.

"By contrast, when Kim started out with Paris, she also had that exact same LA girl look.

"She then adopted the hip-hop girl look and now she's got an edgy look to her.

"These days, Kim's really into those big and bold statement pieces. She' s probably open to wearing or trying anything."

Following a couple of sex tape leaks and a DUI for Paris, the pair's friendship soured.

And while Kim went on to mastermind the rise of the Kardashian empire alongside her mom, Kris Jenner, Hilton faded into the background.

By 2008, Paris began to respond negatively to her former bestie's growing fame.

Speaking to In Touch magazine about Kim's butt, she said: "It's disgusting. It reminds me of cottage cheese inside of a big trash bag."

Then, following a reconciliation in 2014, Kim posted a photo on Instagram of the pair laughing and it appeared they had reconnected.

And when Paris married her beau Carter Reum in California in 2021, Kim was there to help her old friend celebrate her big day.

"Before, naturally their styles being similar in the early years in LA made them closer, but Paris and Kim are on different paths now," adds Lalla.

"It's amazing that Kim was so natural in the beginning and then when you see her now.

"Whereas the nice thing about Paris Hilton is that through the years, she has stayed true to the looks that she likes and true to herself.

"Her new website shows she has launched a whole range of tracksuits, so she has kept up her love of her signature tracksuit looks.

"It's nice because it’s a part of who she is.

"If she changed her hair, had red hair or different colored hair, she'd be stepping away from her signature look, and she very much always wants to embrace that.

"Paris looks more natural now because she kept to herself in a way and has natural makeup."

More recently. Paris has also welcomed her first child with her venture-capitalist husband.

And while they had been trying for a baby for some time, Kim — a mom of four already — was the old hand.

"Kim will always still embrace her style and fashion no matter whether she's a mom or now and will always dress up baby on the way or not," says Lalla.

"Even when she had her kids, she didn’t tone down anything, nothing changed style-wise for Kim.

"She'll always stay in the spotlight because she's always trying out new things and wants to attract attention with her clothes and body.

"With Paris becoming a mum, she's been seen wearing pieces like the wraparound dress.

"I feel she’s going down more of that simple route but still keeping to her signature pink barbie style.

"I think maybe with becoming a mum she's just simplified herself while still staying true to herself.

"Paris is also a businesswoman and puts suit jackets on over the dresses making her look smarter.

"She's grown up a lot and so has her style.

"She has matured, and her style has naturally changed and has become more sophisticated, more elegant.

"So, naturally, she's become more covered up as she's got older and become a mom.

"Kim's now always front row at fashion shows and finding out what the next big trends are.

"While Paris is saying, this is me and I'm digging what I do and how I am!

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