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WE'VE all been there, you decide to give your entire wardrobe a declutter only for the coat hangers to battle you the entire way.

But it turns out it's because you've been using them wrong – and there's actually a correct way to get them through your clothes.

TikToker Sidney Raz, from the US, revealed the correct way to thread coat hangers through clothes, and people were left stunned.

In a short clip, he said: "Here's something I didn't know until I was in my thirties.

"It's easier to put clothes on a hanger if the clothes are on your arm."

Sidney looks at the camera in shock as he demonstrates using the technique on a hoodie, which are particularly difficult to hang up thanks to their tight neck hole.


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He puts his arm through the neck hole all the way to the bottom hole and then grabs the hook of the coat hanger and threads it through the bottom hole.

He looks at the camera stunned by the revelation and adds: "A lot easier."

Instead of having to try to bend the hanger to fit into the neck hole, it slides in so much easier.

And viewers were left stunned they hadn't been using coat hangers the correct way.

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One person wrote: "What??? Well thank you for that!"

Another commented: "Wow maybe sorting my wardrobe won't be bad anymore."

"Okay why did I never realize this.. soo many stretched out neck holes," a third exclaimed.

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Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "I'm not gonna lie I saw my manager do this at retail store and when I did this I saw it was much easier."

And a fifth added: "I do this, if you put lots of tops on your arm at once you can speed hang everything so quickly."

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