Queen health fears update: Her Majesty will 'struggle to slow down' as she's ordered to rest amid COP26 & hospital stay

THE Queen has been forced to pull out of the COP26 summit next week after being ordered to rest by doctors, it has been revealed.

But sources say, despite lighter public duties, Her Majesty is "knackered" because of a packed private schedule.

Elizabeth is said to have been keeping up “a constant flow of lunches and dinners with family and friends, because the Queen does not want to dine alone”.

In particularly she has struck up an odd friendship with her children's former nanny, Mabel Anderson, 95, who will often sit with her during "late night TV binges". Anderson is believed to live in a grace and favour apartment at Windsor Castle.

The 95-year-old, who lost her husband of 73 years in April, is said to be "fine" and in "good spirits" but has also given up her nightly gin and tonic on the advice of her doctors.

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    Andrew pulled from Platinum Jubilee events

    PRINCE Andrew will be pulled from all Platinum Jubilee events after a US court set a deadline for the sex abuse case close to the Queen’s 70-year celebrations.

    The Duke of York will not even appear with Her Majesty and senior royals on the Buckingham Palace balcony for an RAF flypast.

    Andrew, 61, who has stepped down from royal duties, will be kept away from all events next summer.

    A source said: “The plan is for him to be invisible during celebrations.”

    Paedo Jeffrey Epstein’s former sex slave Virginia Roberts Giuffre is suing the duke for sexual assault, including rape in the first degree, in 2001 when she was 17.

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    Queen's 'concerned' Royal relatives are 'showing support'

    Prince Harry isn't the only family member worried for the Queen's health, with many other relatives "showing their support".

    "She says she’s fine and doing well, but she’s said that before, so naturally they’re concerned," the source said.

    The monarch is being looked after by the Medical Household, her expert team of royal physicians.

    Royal sources claimed she was "knackered" as a result of her punishing schedule, coupled with a busy social life and late-night TV.

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    Queen 'won't naturally take to slowing down' says expert

    Royal experts last night said Her Majesty "isn't someone who will naturally take to slowing down".

    Richard Fitzwilliams told The Sun: "She knows people want to see her, she knows certain events are particularly important, and if she can possibly make it in person, she will.

    "It's more or less inevitable that there'll be a very, very careful rethink now.

    "However, she truly hates letting anyone down."

    But the source said she is "finally acknowledging" that she "needs to slow down."

    "She's not a quitter and will continue working, but is handing over some of her duties to Prince Charles and Prince William," they said.

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    Harry 'would never forgive himself' if he didn't get to say goodbye to Queen

    The Queen was recently hospitalised for preliminary tests, but later discharged from hospital in "good spirits".

    Her hospital stay was kept a secret and only confirmed by the Palace when it was revealed by The Sun.

    And while it's understood her medical team acted out of caution and the stay was for 'practical reasons', the source claims Harry is concerned.

    They allege he "feels guilty about not saying goodbye" in person to Prince Philip, who died in April.

    "He would never forgive himself if the same thing happened with his beloved grandmother," the source said.

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    Prince Harry went into 'panic mode' over Queen news

    PRINCE Harry went into "panic mode" when the Queen was taken into hospital for an overnight stay, it's claimed.

    The Duke of Sussex reportedly felt "helpless" after learning the news in his LA home thousands of miles away.

    And it's understood he's been "checking in non-stop" to ensure his grandmother is feeling better, an unsubstantiated source told US Weekly.

    "He felt helpless being 5,000 miles away in Montecito, and has been checking in non-stop with her," they said.

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    Green-themed Royal events to be staged next Monday

    The Queen wants Cop26 to be a success and result in meaningful action from the participating nations, and hopes no world leaders will use her absence as an excuse not to attend.

    A series of royal events will be staged next Monday, with Charles co-hosting the Great Green Wall session alongside French President Emmanuel Macron and his Mauritanian counterpart Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.

    The Great Green Wall is an Africa-led initiative to combat desertification by creating a mosaic of green and productive landscapes across the entire width of north Africa.

    William and Kate will join Charles to host a reception for key members of his Sustainable Markets Initiative and winners and finalists from William's environmental Earthshot Prize Awards.

    The inaugural Earthshot Prize ceremony was staged earlier this month with winners chosen from across the globe, including a project restoring coral reefs and another battling the issues contributing to air pollution in India.

    Charles's Sustainable Markets Initiative was launched to help accelerate the world's transition to a sustainable future.

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    Kate is Royal Family's 'last hope'

    Experts say Kate Middleton is the “last hope” against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s stylish celebrity lifestyle.

    For the Palace Confidential podcast, journalist Charlotte Griffiths said: “I think it’s essential they turn up the glamour, because the ‘Fab Four’ never came to fruition.

    “I’m afraid, the Royal Family look quite bland compared to Meghan and Harry, they just have that star quality.

    “And Kate has got to ramp it up, because she’s got to bring the glamour. She is our last hope for glamour in the Royal Family now.”

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    Queen ‘forced to give up daily walks with dogs’

    It has been reported that The Queen is still unable to go for her daily walk with her dogs almost a week after being told to rest by doctors.

    The 95-year-old monarch is known to enjoy walking her dogs on the grounds of her Windsor estate, with the daily walks being a “tonic”.

    But The Queen is following doctors’ orders to rest after undergoing preliminary tests and spending a night in a private London hospital last week.

    It is said that the Queen has been taking the orders seriously while undertaking some “light duties” at Windsor Castle.

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    Meghan 'made every effort' to become part of the Royal Family

    According to royal author Andrew Morton, he said the Duchess of Sussex “made every effort” when she joined the Royal Family.

    Mr Morton, who has penned biographies on Princess Diana and Meghan, told the Royally US podcast: “I thought that she was a team player before, and she was known as a team player on Suits.

    “She converted to the Church of England, she changed her nationality and was going to become a Brit.

    “When she joined the Royal Family, she made every effort to get involved.”

    He added that: “She gave up all her social media accounts and dropped the fact she was a patron of various charities.

    “She seemed to be willing to be integrated into the Royal Family.

    “I think that what’s happened is a small tragedy for the Royal Family.

    “They’ve lost someone who was relevant to a section of the population that they couldn’t really reach.”

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    Maureen Lipman borrowed hat from Corrie when she was made Dame

    Dame Maureen Lipman has revealed she turned to the Coronation Street wardrobe department for a hat to wear when she was made a dame commander.

    The popular performer borrowed seven hats from the Corrie set and canvassed friends the night before her big day about which one to wear at the Windsor Castle event hosted by the Prince of Wales.

    The 75-year-old actress was made a dame commander for services to charity, entertainment and the arts in a career lasting more than 50 years.

    Her lengthy CV includes everything from a comedy turn in a BT advert that had the memorable line "you've got an ology?", to a supporting role in the acclaimed comedy-drama Educating Rita, alongside Sir Michael Caine and Dame Julie Walters.

    She has found a new audience in recent years through her appearance on the ITV soap as Evelyn Plummer since 2018, after a brief cameo in 2002.

    Dame Maureen said after the ceremony: "The fact that the future monarch has given me a damehood – I never expected that because I had an award.

    "And then it's been a long time coming because I heard about it in 2020 and then I couldn't collect it. And so the coat you bought becomes like something you don't want to wear.

    "Then it becomes 'what the heck do I wear on my head?', and then in the end I went to Coronation Street and I said 'have you got any fascinators in wardrobe?' and they gave me seven."

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    Harry was ‘an angry young man’ before he met Meghan

    Royal biographer Andrew Morton says Prince Harry was a “very angry young man” before he met Meghan and “did not know which way to turn”

    He told Podcast Royal: “I think even when she fell for Harry, she insisted that he went for counselling for the anger issues that he had.

    “Two or three years before that, he was a very angry young man and he was taking on the world, he was taking on paparazzi photographers particularly”.

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    Charles will deliver opening COP26 speech

    The Prince of Wales will deliver the opening address at the Cop26 UN climate change summit, Clarence House has announced.

    Charles, who delivered the opening speech at Cop21 in Paris in 2015, will speak to delegates gathered in Glasgow for the opening ceremony on Monday hosted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

    During the day, a series of royal events in support of Cop26 will be staged, while Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will join an evening reception the Queen will now not attend as she continues to rest.

    Charles will also co-host the Great Green Wall session, alongside French President Emmanuel Macron and his Mauritanian counterpart Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.

    William and Kate will join Charles to host a reception for key members of his Sustainable Markets Initiative and winners and finalists from William's environmental Earthshot Prize Awards.

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    The royal commitment to the environment (continued)

    Meanwhile, Prince William has carried on his father and grandfather's legacy with the Earthshot prize.

    The prize was given out in London earlier this month for projects which will help fight climate change.

    Five winners, including two best friends from Costa Rica, were awarded £1m each.

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    The royal commitment to the environment

    The Royal family have had a long history of concern about the natural world.

    Prince Philip began the family's commitment to conservation, the environment and later the fight against climate change.

    Prince Philip was a pivotal patron of the World Wildlife Federation, serving as a passionate voice, advocate and champion for the organisation’s work from its creation and particularly as WWF International’s President from 1981 to 1996.

    Prince Charles took this up with an interest in sustainable agriculture, organic food and the preservation of endangered species – including most notoriously Patagonian tooth fish.

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    ‘It’s odd’ how Meghan has changed, biographer says (continued)

    Tom Bower is researching Meghan Markle’s early life to write a book about her.

    He told Closer: “The whole situation is odd, and it’s all the more strange considering how Meghan was in her younger years. From what I can see, she became a completely different person when her career began taking off, when she joined Suits and when she began dating Harry.”

    He said she had been very close to her father growing up and was “really family-orientated” when she was younger.

    But he noticed she also cut off her first husband when her acting career took off and she seems “to be a very ambitious, unforgiving person”

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    Meghan needs to “communicate” with her estranged family, royal expert claims.

    Royal biographer Tom Bower says Meghan Markle needs to communicate with her estranged family members if she wants them to stop revealing embarrassing things about her.

    The author, who previously wrote a book about Prince Charles, is currently working on a biography about the actress which is due out next year.

    Speaking to Closer magazine, he said Meghan needed to stop the men who had previously been in her life – particularly her father who has threatened to SUE to gain access to his grandchildren.

    Bower said: “She needs to stop the men from her past doing this to her. So if she wants this to stop, she needs to communicate. It’s what should have been done years ago; Meghan should have communicated with her father, in person or over the phone. She seems to be hoping he’ll just go away, but he won’t!”

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    Which royals are going to COP26 next week?

    The Queen has had to pull out of attending in person on the advice of her doctors but is expected to make an appearance by video link.

    The Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will still attend the summit next week.

    Harry and Meghan have already previously announced they won't be returning to the UK for the summit.

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    The accounts targeting the couple (continued)

    Twitter seems to have already suspended 40% of the accounts but others find ways to attempt to get around the rules.

    Some state they are a “parody” account in their Twitter name – despite not having any evidence of satire or humour in their tweets.

    Others also use coded language the racist content of what they write.

    Harry and Meghan have cited the racial and sexist trolling of Meghan – both online and in the media more widely – and the Firm’s lack of response to it as part of the reason behind their decision to flee to North America last year.

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    Harry and Meghan ‘targeted on Twitter’

    An analysis of over 100,000 tweets directed at the couple Twitter analytics service Bot Sentinel has found evidence of a clear campaign of abuse.

    The analysis found there were 83 accounts which were primarily responsible for approximately 70% of the onslaught – with 55 of them seemingly solely set up to spread nasty comments, means and images of the pair.

    These accounts where then amplified by retweets, likes and comments from their combined 187,631 followers to provide an estimated reach of 17,000,000 users.

    However, the report does not state whether some of these follow more than one account – and therefore whether they are counted twice as followers.

    Meghan appears to have been on the receiving end of the majority of the abuse – with memes and comments calling her social climbing, selfish, hypocritical and accusing her of trading sexual favours for acting roles or crying wolf about the racist abuse she has faced.

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    How long were the Queen and Prince Philip married?

    The Queen and Prince Philip would have celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary on 20 November.

    The couple first met when Elizabeth was just 13 but romance blossomed after the Second World War when she was around 20.

    The pair married in a paired down ceremony at Westminster Abbey in 1947. It was not as glitzy as other royal weddings we've come to expect as the country was still suffering under rationing at the time.

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    How are the rest of the Royal Family stepping up?

    Princess Anne and the Earl of Wessex have already appeared alongside the Queen this month.

    The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall also joined her for the opening of sessions of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh and Senedd in Cardiff.

    And Prince William is now said to be heavily involved in the running of the Balmoral and Sandringham estates, along with Prince Charles.

    The family are understood to meet regularly to go through estate business, which would have previously involved the Queen's beloved Prince Philip.

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    Queen maintains schedule because 'she does not want to let people down'

    Her Majesty has had a punishing workload of 120 official engagements in 194 days since the death of Prince Philip.

    According to Mr Fitzwilliams, the Queen had had 295 engagements during 2019, and he believes that they will be “scaled down.

    He says there's a "concern" that the Queen "must be seen to be believed" – and she "isn't someone who will naturally take to slowing down".

    The expert said: “You are now looking at a scaling down, which began when she ceased long-haul flights in 2015.

    "She knows people want to see her, she knows certain events are particularly important, and if she can possibly make it in person she will.

    “But it's more or less inevitable that there'll be a very, very careful rethink. However, she truly hates letting anyone down."

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    Queen 'will struggle to slow down'

    THE Queen will “struggle” to slow down her hectic work schedule despite doctors warning her to take a break, according to royal experts.

    Her Majesty, 95, has already been forced to cancel an appearance in Northern Ireland after spending a night in hospital last week.

    Royal experts have explained that the Queen will be “grieved” to miss the summit as she “truly hates” letting anyone down.

    Last week the deeply religious sovereign was forced to miss church after her health scare, and was told to rest.

    Speaking to The Sun, Richard Fitzwilliams said: "She regretfully had to cancel NI on medical advice and spent the night in hospital.

    “There is no question, especially given the Royal Family's extraordinary commitment to the environment – particularly from Philip, Charles and now with William's earthshot prize – of course she will be very grieved to miss being there in person."

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    Timeline of Queen's health scare

    October 12 – The Queen was seen with a walking stick for the first time since 2004 at a service of thanksgiving to mark the centenary of the Royal British Legion at Westminster Abbey.

    October 14 – Her Majesty used a walking stick again in Cardiff when she arrived to offically open the Welsh Senedd.

    October 20 – The Queen sparked health fears by cancelling her first royal duties in 15 years yesterday.

    She was due to visit Northern Ireland but was told by docs to rest for up to a week instead.

    October 21 – News emerged that the Queen has been kept overnight in hospital for tests.

    She stayed overnight because it was getting too late to take her on a 26-mile trip home, sources said.

    October 21 – Her Majesty was discharged — with Buckingham Palace saying she was in “good spirits” after “preliminary investigations” during her visit to hospital.

    October 22 – The Queen was said to be back at her desk and in "good spirits".

    She was said to be back reading her official government red boxes.

    October 24 – It was reported that palace aides were told to "cut back" the Queen's "exhausting" schedule following her health scare.

    October 26 – The Queen beamed as she carried out her first official engagement since being ordered to rest by doctors following a health scare.

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    Has the Queen been in hospital before?

    This week's trip is believed to be the Queen's sixth major hospital trip in over 40 years.

    It was believed the Queen stayed the night in hospital as it was getting too late to take her on a 26-mile trip home.

    She was not thought to have had an overnight hospital stay since March 2013 when she was treated for a stomach bug at the same hospital.

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