Queen of Clean turned to cleaning to ‘wash away the badness’ after discovering her husband was a PAEDOPHILE

But while the 39-year-old's love of cleaning sparks joy to others and has become a successful business, Lynsey's cleaning obsession started in a much darker place.

Fifteen years ago the cleaning expert moved from Peterborough to Newcastle with the love of her life and, expecting twins, it looked to be the start of a happy family – or so she thought.

At 28 weeks pregnant, Lynsey was horrified to discover that her husband, who she doesn't want to name, was a paedophile.

The shock of discovering the horrific truth brought on her early labour, Lynsey believes, and the twins Molly and Olivia, now 14, were born prematurely.

The combination of these two traumatic events started her cleaning obsession, as she looked to remove the dirt left behind from her ex-husband's acts.

"My cleaning addiction began after all that," she writes on her blog, Queen on Clean. "I needed to scrub away at my skin and my home and wash away the badness and dirt of it all.
"The thought of a man like him touching me or my children was sickening. When I look back I am amazed I didn't see the signs – he was a horrible man."

Lynsey explains that after the birth of her girls, she felt a 'need' to keep everything, including herself, sterile for her premature babies, cleaning everything with bleach and disinfectant.

"I washed everything they wore daily and started my hoovering obsession," she adds. "I'd sterilise everything and clean all the surfaces and every toy they touched."

Queen of Clean's top tips for a happy house

  • Share the tasks out among the family and don't take everything on yourself.
  • Make a to do list and tick things off as you go so it doesn't feel overwhelming.
  • When you vacuum, make sure you pull out your sofa and clean underneath and behind it.
  • Dust the top of your doors.
  • Used lavender spray under your mattress to make it smell amazing.
  • Tin foil is really good for scrubbing pans without the need for chemicals.
  • Don't stock up your cupboards with loads of items, there's little you can't get to sparkle using only washing up liquid.
  • Potato skins are really good for shining up stainless steel.

Lynsey's first husband has been in prison in Durham since the events in 2002, and she found love for a second time when the twins were two years old.

They welcomed a son, who is now ten, and Lynsey started attending counselling sessions which helped her change her outlook on cleaning.

"I was using bleach and a lot of products full of chemicals, I had constant headaches," she tells the Mirror. "One day I was scrubbing the bathroom, rubbing bleach into the tiles, and I blacked out.

"That's when I realised things had to change."

Lynsey now uses all-natural and eco-friendly products – she believes that there's 'very little you can't keep clean with a lemon and some elbow grease'.

And her fans adore her new approach, with tens of thousands of viewers tuning in to look at her daily Instagram stories of the latest cleaning tips and tricks.

She even turned her negative experience into a positive by starting a career in cleaning, including appearing on television in Channel 4's Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners.

And she's preparing to launch her first book, How to Clean Your House and Tidy Up Your Life, on Amazon later this March.

"I'm a much stronger and more positive person," she says. "And I've enjoyed every minute of the opportunities I've been given and can't wait to do more."


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