Rich DOGS of Instagram have more lavish holidays than you with pool parties, private jets and designer shopping sprees

LET'S be honest – by now, we're pretty used to pouring over the Rich Kid of Instagram's social media feeds and lusting over their lavish lifestyles.

But while we'd (just about) made our peace with a teenager splashing more than we earn in a year on one single holiday, turns out the Rich DOGS of Instagram are the ones we should be really envious of.

Yes these pampered pooches have taken the meaning of "man's best friend" to all new extremes thanks to their high-flying lifestyles.

Because while we always thought we'd spoilt our mutts with love and affection, these adorable pups enjoy a pretty pampered existence full of designer shopping sprees and pool-side holidays.

With trips to the Chanel store counting as your average walkie, these dogs have even been pictured kicking back with a bottle of Moet champagne… or two.

And even though these dogs already have a fur coat to call their own, that hasn't stopped their owners from splashing out on a wardrobe of faux fur jackets, designer sunnies and haute couture.

But while they're jet-setting around the world with their super-rich owners, don't think these canines are slumming it in economy with the rest of us.

A rich dog of Instagram can usually be found on board a private plane to whatever far-flung location they're holidaying at next with their very own spacious seat.

And once they touch down in their destination, these pampered pooches are carted around in only the finest means of transportation.

I.e. a selection of envy-inducing sports cars that the rest of us could only ever dream of driving.

In fact, if they're not sitting next to their owner in their flashy car, some rich dogs of Instagram even have their OWN Aston Martins to see them around town.

And as for when these pups want to kick back and relax, poolside parties with their fellow pampered pooches seem to be all the rage for the Rich Dogs of Instagram.

Putting our summer holiday plans to shame, these high-flying canines are often pictured kicking back on a pool float or soaking up the sun while their owners unwind in the jacuzzi.

After all, even the most pampered of dogs still enjoy a swim every now and then.

But just when we thought it wasn't really possible to be envious of a dog, don't even get us started on their five-star dining.

Along with their penchant for champagne, these lucky pups often start the day with a nutritious omelette and side of sausages served on only the finest china… which makes a nice comparison to our humble bowl of Cocoa Pops.

Because if there's one thing that can be said about the Rich Dogs of Instagram, it's that they're hound to make you jealous… we'll show ourselves out.

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