Salma Hayek Is Ageless At 52 Floating In The Ocean In A Tiny Cheetah Bikini — Video

Whew, we just got a flashback to Salma Hayek’s dance scene in ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’! Over two decades later and the actress still rocks a tiny bikini with just as much grace.

Salma Hayek, 52, proved that tiny cheetah bikinis aren’t reserved for the 20s crowd. The Desperado star stepped into a booty-baring bikini bearing the feisty print during her tropical getaway, sharing a video of her dip in the ocean on Jan. 3. Watch the actress live the “Mermaid Life” (or, in Spanish: “Vida de sirena”) below! She has been updating her Instagram feed with beach photos before ringing in the new year, and we’re glad Salma’s continuing the roll into 2019.

Prior to New Year’s Eve, Salma shared three shots of her rocking a one piece swimsuit that bore plenty of cleavage. She was also makeup free and glowing in the photos, proving that her face is just as ageless as her amazing figure! It’s no wonder Drake has a crush on the Mexican beauty. Check out HollywoodLife’s gallery above to see even more hotties over 40 rock bikinis.

Surprisingly, Salma has admitted to not following trendy diet, fitness or skincare trends — no Keto guidelines and snail slime for this celebrity! “It doesn’t matter what my diet philosophy is because I don’t follow it. I don’t have the discipline. I think it’s because of exhaustion,” she told The New York Times in 2017, but did point out that she eats meat “sparsely.” Her approach to fitness is just as relaxed, as she confessed, “I’m not an exercise person. I do scuba diving, but it’s not really exercise.” It makes sense for this real life mermaid!

Salma had stronger opinions when it came to skincare, however. “I never cleanse my skin in the morning. My grandmother taught me that at night your skin replenishes all the things you lost during the day,” the actress, who only needs sunglasses for an extra touch of glam, told the newspaper. As for what’s on her bathroom counter, she explained, “I spritz rose water — it’s so gentle and wakes the skin up. Then I apply moisturizer. I have an oil from my line Nuance that I love. I don’t do sunscreen unless I’m going to be out in the sun all day. Why? I don’t think the chemicals in sunscreen are good for your skin.”

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