Savvy mum shares the easy money hacks which means she ALWAYS has enough cash for her bills

REVEALING her gamechanger hack to ensure she always has the money to pay her bills, one woman has won massive praise online.

Showing how she budgets for each individual expense, the woman puts all her dosh in a section-separated pocket folder.

Taking to her TikTok channel where she posts under the domain @shes.on.a.budget, the woman explains how she keeps the money there until her bills are due, and thus knows she can afford everything.

She said: "I'm putting away £120 for my water bill which is next year guys."

Adding: "I'm trying to make sure that I can pay these bills in advance, it takes a lot of weight and stress off my mind knowing that they are done already for the year."

Going through each pocket in her folder she tells how she adds money here for some of the bills every week to ensure she is on target for the time they are due.

"So this is for next April, same for car tax, this is paid in advance as well," she says flicking through each clear envelope.

"I am not going to be adding any money to the car tax this week, but I have £90 in here at the moment so that's on target for where it needs to be by next April."

Taking from the money she has available for the week, the mum works in order of what is due first.

"Car insurance is next. This is for my car insurance renewal fee in January, I'm adding £15 to this envelope" she said.

Adding: "My aim for this envelope is to get to £780, this year it was £760, it's not that much of a difference but I'm predicting it should be around about that mark."

Counting the amount she shows she has already saved £540 of her car insurance four months in advance.

The post has been viewed over 442k views with many people commending the woman in the comments.

"You gave me the idea of getting into cash stuffing and it's the best thing I've done" commented one person.

Another said: "This is for next year so when April arrives she will be able to pay all her bills IN FULL and won't have to worry for a FULL YEAR."

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