Savvy shopper shares the easy way to get even bigger reductions at Tesco

EVERYONE loves grabbing a bargain when they go shopping.

And one savvy shopper has revealed an incredibly easy way to snap up even more reductions when you hit your local supermarket.

Money saving YouTuber Holly Smith, aka Holly Vlogs, took to TikTok to reveal how she'd picked up a puzzle of The Beatles for just £3 in Tesco after it was marked up as £12 in the Reduced to Clear section.

"In this video I’m going to share with you how to get amazing bargains at Tesco," she began.

"First you have to pick up a hand scanner and head to the Reduced to Clear section."

When she scanned the jigsaw, it came up on the scanner saying £3 – instead of the £12 on the price tag.

"And this happens with a lot of items in the Reduced to Clear section so definitely pick up a hand scanner," she concluded.

And the best thing is, if the item isn't reduced any further, or you decide you don't want it, you can just remove it directly through the scanner.

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She was quickly praised for the tip on her TikTok page, with one person writing: "Love your tips Holly."

"Great tips!" another person wrote.

"For those who don't have scanners or don't want to use them you can check stock on Tesco Groceries app it shows reduced to clear prices."

Others shared the bargains they'd managed to grab themselves through using the hand scanner.

"I got an £80 microwave for £30," one person boasted.

"I got a king-size silent night duvet for £11.50 and when I scanned it said I saved £34.50," another added.

"I got a duvet set for £4.50 the other week!" a third wrote.

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And this man gave his lounge a glow up using products from B&M for just £13.

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