Savvy woman uses £3 carpet cleaner to get her grubby car seats looking as good as new

A WOMAN is hailing a £3 carpet cleaner from Sainsbury’s as the miracle product which got her grubby car seat looking as good as new. 

Chloe Hughes was left with a huge stain after spilling something in her car, but you can't exactly stick the seats in the washing machine if they’re dirty. 

So she decided to tackle the grubby mark in her car, using numerous cleaning products which only made matters worse.

In a last ditch attempt to clean the seat the Mrs Hinch fan picked up a bottle of Dr Beckman’s carpet stain remover – which has a built in brush – from Sainsbury’s for £3. 

Chloe scrubbed her filthy car seats and then left them overnight, and was “amazed” by the results.

She shared incredible before-and-after snaps to Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, praising the cleaner. 

She said: “Best stuff ever! £3 in Sainsbury’s at the moment.

“I am amazed! As you can see the second photo is worse as I used a different product. 

“Went and brought this stuff and it looks brand new again! So happy.”

Chloe's post has racked up hundreds of likes, as people claimed they didn’t realise you could use the cleaner in a car. 

Commenting on Facebook, one person said: “I need this for my car.”

Another wrote: “Love this stuff so easy to use.”

  • Dr. Beckmann Carpet Cleaning Brush, Sainsbury's, £3 – buy now

A third added: “Absolutely love this stuff.”

While someone else wrote: “Deffo trying it myself.”

And revealing another use for it, this person said: "Swear by this great on beds."

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