Sexpert claims blokes are ‘clueless’ about how to turn women on – and this is why

A SEXPERT has claimed blokes are "clueless" about how to turn women on – and she's got a good idea why.

Nadia Bokody, from Sydney, was writing for after a study showed 50 per cent of men were unable to correctly point out the vagina.

"It’s hardly news to women," she said. "If writing about female pleasure has taught me anything, it’s that men just don’t get it."

Nadia said for every bloke who DMs her claiming he's never had a woman fake an orgasm, she gets a woman confessing her husband of 10 years has no idea she's never climaxed in the bedroom.

And, tellingly, just 39 per cent of young men polled for a study published in BMJ Open saw school sex education as a reliable source of information, with half of them learning from porn, sex and experience instead.

Nadia said: "When Boys & Sex author and researcher Peggy Orenstein asked teen boys about their sexual experiences, she noted the use of vernacular like 'nailing', 'pounding' and 'hammering' – jargon she likened to '(as if they were on) a construction site, not like they engaged in an act of intimacy'."

Nadia saw a similar trend during her former career as a high school teacher, when lads would use terms like "I hit that" and "she took it good", signalling what she saw as "an unsettling absence of recognition for the girls beyond their body parts."

"By conditioning young men to view women through the lens of objectification… is (to) impair their ability to accurately interpret – or even recognise – their female partner’s arousal level," Nadia added.

The writer admits she gets angry every time she receives an email from a clueless bloke telling her she has it wrong, but says she's more angry at the system rather than the men themselves.

Nadia added: "As long as we raise boys in a culture that views girls as vessels for the legitimisation of their masculinity, we can’t expect them to grow into men who are anything other than absolutely clueless about how those women’s bodies work."

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