Shoppers are going wild for 99p Christmas dinner bibs from the Card Factory

IF YOU'RE one of those people who always spills their dinner, listen up.

Card Factory is selling Christmas-themed bibs so you can be both neat AND festive this year.

The Christmassy bibs come in four different styles, with Santa and elf-themed designs.

And you can get a pack of four for just 99p.

Posting on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains group on Facebook, one woman shared the bargain find.

"Card factory 99p you get all four shown in picture! Good for a giggle on Christmas Day."

And other shoppers couldn't get enough of the bibs, with plenty of users confessing to being serial dinner spillers.

One wrote: "I need this! A dinner bib is not just for Christmas!"

While another who had already bought the bibs wrote: "I have these ready for Xmas day lol… quite big as well."

Others tagged their messy friends and family to recommend buying ahead of the Christmas dinner.

"Even the messiest eater can enjoy all the trimmings with these fun and festive Christmas bibs," the product description reads.

Will you be snapping them up?

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