Shoppers Stick With This 'Powerhouse' Eye Cream for Decades

When you think about iconic skincare brands, it doesn't get more reassuring than Clinique. The brand built its reputation on staple products that make caring for acne, aging, and inflammation easy and affordable, and its All About Eyes Rich Eye Cream has accumulated thousands of five-star reviews as far back as 2008. Reason being, the rich eye cream is a multi-threat that eliminates dark circles, puffy bags, and fine lines with ease.

Eye creams that actually work are an elusive find, since most feel like regular moisturizer in a dainty little tub. Yet with the Rich Eye Cream's gentle base of shea butter, glycerin, caffeine, and vitamin E, along with a catalog of extracts from wheat germ, barley, St. Paul's wort, birch, green tea, and sage, shoppers say it's the rarity that gives exceptional results.

"This cream instantly eliminates dark circles. I don't know how it does, but it does," one Nordstrom shopper writes in an ebullient review titled "Bye bye dark circles." Another says that thanks to the "excellent" cream's circle-cancelling strength, "you wouldn't even know I only got a few hours of sleep." Others echo that it's the sole eye cream they've found that can "dramatically reduce" dark circles.

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On the fine-line front, more than 50 shoppers say the cream smoothes wrinkles and crinkles, and multiple people who've used it for over 10 years say that, thanks to the habit, they have zero crows feet. Some dub it an "eye miracle cream," writing that after two months of use, their puffy bags, dark circles, and wrinkles cleared up and left their eyes looking like a "newborn baby's."

"I have used some of the most expensive brands on the market, as I have quite dark circles and a lot of wrinkling from years of being a smoker and sun worshipper," another shopper writes. "This is by far the best product I have ever used, and only after a couple of days, I could actually see a difference! I would highly recommend to anybody wanting to look younger in the eye area."

The Clinique eye cream particularly gets love from shoppers with easily-irritated eyes, who say that it provides intense moisture and skin firming benefits without any burning, irritation, or allergic reactions. Whether they're staring down puffy eyes from spring allergies or lack of sleep, shoppers say the "powerhouse" formula deflates baggage overnight — and on the off chance a bit gets in your eye, there's no stinging or pain.

Another fan writes that there's nothing else in the world like the Rich Eye Cream, which might be why so many shoppers reference their decades-long love affair with it. Or it could be for results like one shopper saw: "People have stopped telling me that I look tired!"

Per a last shopper, it outranks $150 eye products for results — and for $35, you don’t have to be rich to afford it.

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