Single mum turned her tired bathroom into a cosy ‘sanctuary’ for £150 using tile stickers and paint from eBay and Amazon – The Sun

 A STAY-at-home single mother has revamped her bathroom for less than £150 buying budget from eBay, The Range, Amazon and a local antique junk shop.

Rebecca Gibbs, 35, from East Sussex, wanted to redesign her
bathroom before the rush of Christmas.  

The mum-of-five didn't have the funds to hire a renovation
team to do the job and so decided to do it on her own.

Using some old leftover paint from an old project, she began
to paint up the walls of her bathroom.

Rebecca then purchased some bits and bobs from eBay, the
Range and her local antique shop, including £9.99 wallpaper and other budget
decorative pieces.

She wanted to create a wood effect without having to spend
too much money on additional panelling, so she used tile stickers instead –
which cost her a total of £50.

The rest of the items in the bathroom were a compilation of
stuff she had collected over the years, including trinkets and framed pictures
of quotes.

Rebecca hired a decorator to layer the wallpaper, while her
mother, Elaine, and eldest son helped put all the bits and pieces together.

She said: "I transformed the bathroom so it was a nice
place to be. My favourite time of year is the autumn and winter months and I
adore Christmas.

It took a week overall to do the bathroom. I did it mostly at night when the younger kiddos were in bed.

“So the plan was always to make it a nice sanctuary before
those months kicked in.

"I had a little help. I designed, planned, painted and
done the tile stickers and accessorised.

“I hired a guy to wallpaper as wallpapering is not one of my
strengths and then my lovely mum Elaine and my eldest son put all the bits and
pieces up on the walls.

"I see a vision in my head and I kind of go for it! I
get told all the time that I should become an interior designer, but I don't
think I have the confidence to do that. Maybe one day!

Rebecca said it cost her around £150 for all the materials
and accessories and then £60 for the decorator.

After a week, Rebecca was finished with the final project and couldn't be more excited about the result.

The mother-of-five said anyone can revamp their homes even on a tight budget as long as they plan their projects well and look for cheaper alternatives.

She added: "It took a week overall to do the bathroom.
I did it mostly at night when the younger kiddos were in bed.

"I love the final result. It's how I envisaged it and I
can't afford a brand new bathroom anytime soon, so sort of ‘faked’ it until I

"I would tell anybody who is on a budget like me, that
you can achieve a nice home on very little money.

"The internet especially is full of products that make
decorating far easier and cheaper (for example the tile stickers) and to just
go for it if that's what they are hoping to do.

“There's no right or wrong with how anyone dresses their

"A little bit of time and a little bit of planning can
achieve good things.”

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