Smooth or au natural? Men reveal what they REALLY think about body hair down there on women

WITH shaving, waxing, plucking and hair removal cream available, there’s a range of hairstyles women rock in their intimate area.

Some prefer to go au natural while others opt to have it all removed, a long-established look in the porn industry.

And there’s even the option of patterns and styles if you’re feeling adventurous.

But with many people taking their partner’s preference into consideration, new research has revealed what men really want to see down there.

A study has revealed that two thirds of blokes prefer a woman to have some hair on their body.

The survey of 1,000 UK men, conducted by male grooming brand Manscape, found that 63 per cent of guys said they were attracted to either a "natural-looking" woman or one with "a bit of hair but not too much".

And in stark contrast to what some may believe, only 20 per cent said they found "the very thought of any body hair on a woman turns me off completely".

But in a role reversal, more than 20 per cent said they would tend to their ‘gentleman garden’ to please a partner.

A further quarter said they would trim their fuzz, while one in 10 would go one step further and go for the "Brozilian" – going clean-shaven.

Steven Dodd, head of development at Manscape, said: “Although men are still some way behind women when it comes to their personal regimes, more and more are starting to use products such as wax strips and hair removal cream to keep their body hair in check."

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