Taakk Men’s Spring 2022

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Takuya Morikawa sought to emulate Mother Nature’s capacity for self-renewal and the creation of new life forms, creating parallels with the tailoring and fabric innovation the Issey Miyake alum has turned into something of a hallmark.

Exclusive hybrid fabrics that graduated — from linen to reflective nylon, from an abstract sea-shore print to a translucent fabric — allowed the designer to play with forms and propose appealing shape-shifting twists on classic silhouettes.

A suit jacket with a blurred floral print morphed into a cotton shirt toward the hem so it could be tucked into pants or shorts, a technique reprised in several looks. Jacquard lilies and embroidered cherry blossoms, worked tone-on-tone, enhanced the gentle, positive feel of the collection, while the sheen on many of the fabrics gave them the look of neo-eveningwear, without the stiffness and with sporty details. Elsewhere, the fabrics on jackets looked to be dip-dyed, morphing from navy to black or from beige to cream, their lapels adorned with 3D blossoms, in line with the natural theme.

Taakk Men's Spring 2022

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As digital presentations become the new norm, Morikawa worked with video artist Nagisa Kodama on a documentary format that gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look into his inspiration, creative process and the manufacturing of his unique fabrics, something not possible on a real-life runway.

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