The Christmas dresses Team Stylist will be renting for party season

Written by Naomi May

From a grown-up take on Mrs Claus to a fabulously elf-inspired mini, there’s a Christmas party dress to rent for any occasion (and they’ll all make fabulous plus-ones for party season).

’Tis the season to sparkle, snuggle and, in my case at least, be very, very silly. December is almost upon us, which means one thing: we almost made it out of 2022 alive! Despite the British government’s omni-dithering, the simmering cost of living crisis and mass assaults on women’s rights across the world (oh, what a time to be alive!), the light at the end of the very long 2022 tunnel is almost on the horizon.

To celebrate, this festive season, I implore you to get dressed up. Like, really dressed up. Wear that sparkling dress with those glittery shoes and that shimmering bag. Wear those colours that, during any other month of the year, you might scrunch your nose up at. But let’s do so this season while leaving as little of a carbon footprint as we possibly can.

The fashion-approved way to do this? Renting outfits, which comes into its prime during the festive period. Previous research has suggested that British shoppers are poised to spend £2.4 billion on outfits specifically for Christmas – with one in five people admitting they won’t wear the same outfit to more than one party or event – so it’s high time we turned our attentions to renting before mindlessly buying.

But in case you find scouring rental sites like finding a mince pie in a snowstorm, team Stylist has narrowed it down for you and chosen the party pieces they’ll be renting this festive season. Race you to the checkouts! 

  • Mrs Claus

    Rezek Studio scarlet two-piece

    When it comes to Christmas party dressing, sequins and glitter can be the obvious choice but I’m more inclined to go for a cooler, slightly more subtle version in the form of metallics. I think they add something a little different than seasonal sparkles and can be incorporated into your wardrobe all year round but still give you that festive zing. 

    The warm orange-red tones of this Rezek two-piece will pop against my warm skin tone and I just know that the corset neckline will provide a feminine and flattering touch. To dress it up, I’ll be adding a pair of slinky heels or platforms, depending on how much faith I have in my feet not aching. A festive red lip or shimmery gold smokey eye et voila! A beautiful winter-proof party ’fit for a fraction of the RRP. Zoe Daniel, social media assistant  

    Rent Rezek Studio scarlet two-piece at ByRotation, from £46


  • The gothic angel

    Molly Goddard Amelie dress

    Part-ethereal, part-ephemeral, tulle always reminds me of the fleeting, tingling feeling of being giddy on champagne. Whimsical, romantic and elegant, it looks and feels like the girl from the movie I would want to be – confident and covered in ruffles. While it looks very dark, it is in fact navy, the same inky colour as a clear winter’s night. Sentimental, me? Morgan Fargo, beauty editor

    Rent Molly Goddard Amelie dress at Hurr, from £221


  • Santa’s little helper

    Ganni sequin strap dress

    It’s Christmas, so if there’s ever a time to go all out in terms of colour, texture and length, it’s now. This mini Ganni dress is not only reminiscent of Santa’s little helpers – in the best way possible – but will also be perfect for any work parties that spring up. I’ll be adding long-sleeved T-shirts underneath to keep warm and will slip on my go-to stomper boots to make sure my twinkle toes can stay dancing for as long as possible under the mistletoe. Hannah Keegan, features editor

    Rent Ganni sequin strap dress at Rotaro, £30


  • Santa, baby

    Solace off-the-shoulder maxi dress

    Nothing beats a black dress for party season: elegant, sophisticated and super chic. You really can’t go wrong whatever event you are going to, be it a work party, cocktails, black tie or winter wedding. This Solace maxi dress will look different for every party I wear it to, depending on the accessories I pair it with. I’ll be adding diamonds for full glitz and glamour and little bursts of colour to add some personality and I can’t wait. Polly Knight, style director

    Rent Solace off-the-shoulder maxi dress at My Wardrobe HQ, from £9


  • A grown-up candy cane

    Miscreants Cupid velvet dress set

    There are few things in this life I derive more pleasure from than dressing up. Whether it’s fancy dress (White Lotus-themed party, anyone?) or black tie, I love wearing outfits that are fun, over-the-top and, oft-times, entirely ridiculous. My favourite brand to channel for these very moments is Miscreants, a label that specialises in form-fitting minis and coordinating opera gloves. Say no more; it’s a brand that has Naomi May written all over it. I’m not sure whether this mini screams more ‘I came dressed as a Christmas present!’ or ‘I am a fabulous grown-up candy cane’ but either way, I will be reserving it for those mince pie-filled and champagne-fuelled couple of days, because why the hell not? Naomi May, fashion editor

    Rent Miscreants Cupid velvet dress set at Flannels Rental, from £50


Images: Matches Fashion and rental brands.

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