The Lazy Leg Over sex position promises scorching orgasms in the heatwave – without having to break into a sweat – The Sun

IF you're feeling too hot to get frisky with your other half, the Lazy Leg-Over sex position could be your saviour this summer.

With the UK set to swelter as the temperature reaches the mid-30s, getting intimate could be the last thing on your mind.

But Lovehoney’s sex expert, Sammi Cole, has revealed this position is a must for when you’re feeling amorous on those hot nights.

She said: “It provides intimate contact and satisfaction without discomfort.”

To master this position, have your man lie on his back and you climb on top, with one of your legs straddling him, and your other knee resting on the bed or floor.

Sami explains: “He enters her from a slight sideways angle – this prevents deep thrusting.

“And it makes a really snuggly and a great morning position.”

This provides all the intimacy and thrills of sex, without full skin-on-skin contact or momentum, to avoid working up a sweat.

Depending on how hot you are, you can lie forward and be close to your partner, or you can sit upright to remain cool.

And it’s a great position for those with partners on the larger side, she added.

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