The people (and animals) who couldn’t resist stealing the spotlight with funny photobombs

Photobombers, both intentional and accidental, crop up everywhere.

Whether it's a crafty cat or determined dog , the animal kingdom certainly knows how to steal the limelight.

So next time you’re taking a cherished photo, look what’s behind you first.

And it might be worth a quick flick back through that album you're about to upload – you never know what you might spot.

Getting lippy

Dog's dinner

Sticking out

Get it off your chest

Cat's eyes

Dad bod

Oh brother

Three's a crowd

Leg it

Fright club

Eye say

Head's gone

Behind closed doors

Belly laughs

Who let the dogs out

Around the bend

Double take

Animal kingdom

He nose

Make an entrance

Not feline it

SNAP Viral24

That cat does not approve of her hairstyle

Cop out

Doggy tummy

Sweet kid

We recently shared the Golden Globes ‘Water Girl’ who went viral after photobombing stars’ red carpet pics.

And can you spot the odd one out in these bizarre optical illusions?

Plus there are the world’s most ridiculously awkward photobombs you just can’t look away from.


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