The Queen was absolutely right to pull out of Remembrance Day service

THE human spine is a vulnerable structure and bears quite considerable amounts of force during our day-to-day activities.

Back sprains usually take two to six weeks to get better but for the Queen, at 95, it could take double that.

The pain will eventually go away, but whether it is a long-term issue or not remains to be seen.

It could be one of those things that comes and goes again.

She would have had to stand for a good few hours for the Remembrance Day service so it was absolutely right to pull out of it — as sad and upsetting as that must have been for her.

After her back has been properly assessed it will do her no harm to rest in bed for two to three days.

The aim should be to break the vicious cycle of pain, muscle spasm, further pain.

Her treatment may include anti-inflammatory creams and painkillers.

As the pain eases it would be good for her to do some light exercises with physiotherapists.

It is important to have a proper strategy in mind for her recovery.

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