The top 10 Valentine’s Day-inspired baby names predicted to be big this year

VALENTINE’S DAY is just around the corner, and could be the perfect chance to give your little one a name themed around love.

Monikers such as Rose, Juliet and Valentino could be a beautiful tribute to the celebrations, but what if you are looking for something a little more unique?

Nannies Matter has researched and collected some more less-traditional love-inspired baby names that are perfect for your little one. 

Many of the names mean “love”, “heart”, or “beloved” when translated from their origins. 

Some of the top choices include Aiko, Cariad, Liev, and Oscar. 

Aiko is a Japanese name, traditionally for girls, which translates as “beloved child”, meanwhile Cariad is the Welsh word for “love.”


  • Aiko – Origin: Japanese – Meaning: Beloved child 
  • Cariad – Origin: Welsh – Meaning: Welsh word for ‘love’ 
  • Daryl – Origin: French – Meaning: “dear one, beloved”
  • Dewey – Origin: Welsh – Meaning: Beloved 
  • Cupid – Origin: Latin – Meaning: Desired 
  • Ife – Origin: African – Meaning: Love
  • Liev – Origin: Yiddish – Meaning: Heart 
  • Oscar – Origin: Irish – Meaning: Loving 
  • Mila – Origin: Russian – Meaning: Gracious dear
  • Rudo – Origin: African – Meaning: Love 

Daryl is another popular Valentines choice, and is a French word which means “dear one”, while Oscar is Irish and means “loving.”

Also on the list are Cupid and Rudo, which translate as “desires” and “love” respectively. 

Other names on the top 10 list are Daryl, Dewey and Ife – and this trio also ties in with February 14 nicely. 

So would you give your child a name themed on Valentine’s?

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