These 7 Winter Boot Trends Aren't Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

These 7 Winter Boot Trends Aren’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

After spending much of the year somewhere between slippers and . . . well, slippers, the biggest fall and winter shoe trends of 2020 will breathe life back into your wardrobe with ease. For many of us, heels have found a home in the backs of our closets, presenting an apt opportunity for a laundry list of winter boot trends to emerge and thrive.

In the wake of a newfound love for all things comfy, combat boots are among the styles proving to be even more versatile than we thought, while the moment has also made a case for a few fashion pick-me-up options, such as boots in bright colors (yes, even in the winter). Read ahead to learn all about the rave-worthy boot trends of the year and why they’re just what you need right now.

  • Winter 2020 Boot Trend: Kitten Heels
  • Winter 2020 Boot Trend: Lug Sole
  • Winter 2020 Boot Trend: Modern Western
  • Winter 2020 Boot Trend: Latex and Patent Leather
  • Winter 2020 Boot Trend: Multitoned
  • Winter 2020 Boot Trend: Combat
  • Winter 2020 Boot Trend: Bold Color

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