Top 20 'most endangered' baby names at risk of becoming extinct in the UK – including Kirsty and Kieran

PICKING a name for your little one is one of the first decisions you'll ever make as a parent.

And while you obviously want to find something which "suits" them, you also don't want your child to share their name with five of their classmates.

Well if you're in need of some inspiration (or want to know what names to avoid), then you might want to check out the Office of National Statistics' latest findings.

Back in 2020, it was revealed that Oliver and Olivia have been the most popular baby girl and boy names in the UK and Wales over the past year – while Dua, Mabel and Hudson have crept into the Top 100.

And now Flowercard has taken a deep dive into the ONS database and found the "most endangered" names which are at risk of becoming extinct in the UK.

According to the research, Kirsty is the most "at-risk" name and has seen a 99.24 per cent drop in use since 2000 – with only four babies being given the moniker in 2019.

Top 10 ‘Most Endangered’ Boys and Girls Names:

Top 10 'Endangered' Girls Names:

1. Kirsty

2. Jordan

3. Shauna

4. Shannon

5. Courtney

6. Lauren

7. Gemma

8. Jodie

9. Jade

10. Natasha

Top 10 'Endangered' Boys Names:

1. Mitchell

2. Kieran

3. Ross

4. Brandon

5. Craig

6. Ben

7. Jordan

8. Callum

9. Kyle

10. Scott

And although Lauren was among the top girls names in 2000, this is another moniker which has dramatically dropped in popularity along with Shannon, Jordan, Shauna and Courtney.

Meanwhile, Mitchell topped the list of "most at-risk"boy names – with just 21 babies being given the moniker in 2019.

What's more, the name Kieran was given to 2,586 babies in 2000 – in comparison to just 119 last year.

Craig, Ben, Ross and Brandon also featured high up in the list of "endangered" names – with mums under the age of 25 opting for more modern monikers like "Freddie" and "Noah"whereas as older parents settled on more traditional names like "Alexander" and "Theodore".

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