‘Trashy’ bride slammed for demanding £30k from wedding guests to pay for big day and ‘European tour’ honeymoon

A BRIDE has been branded ‘trashy’ for trying to force her wedding guests to hand over £30,000 to pay for her wedding and bankroll her ‘European tour’ honeymoon. 

A Facebook post has gone viral on Reddit showing the begging bride trying to convince her friends and family to hand over cash, so she and her new husband can enjoy a month-long trip.

Bizarrely she’s offering sordid gifts as an incentive, which people have likened to an OnlyFans post. 

The couple are due to tie the knot in two months, and told guests they hoped Covid-19 wouldn’t dissuade them from coming – because they wanted their money. 

She wrote: “Hope ya’ll are doing great and getting all of ya’ll wedding gifts (haha) prepared, your cold hard cash, and your large housewarming gifts…

“We really cannot wait to see you all (and receive your gifts LOL) this December.” 

The bride confirmed some people had pulled out due to coronavirus, and she had a message for anyone thinking of following suit. 

She continued: “This is dangerous because we have a $20,000 + monetary goal MINIMUM.

“Ladies and gentleman most of this money will cover the cost of this amazing wedding and goes right back to you. This is for YOU.

“Think of all the food, drinks and fun you will have…

So we really need y’all to open your wallets and just give a little bit

“Heaven forbid if ya’ll generous we will actually get to book out European tour. 

"Ideally you’ll donate upwards of $30,000 so [fiancé] and I can spend a month travelling, bar hopping, swinging and more in Europe.”

She asked her guests to “have sympathy” as Covid had introduced “depression” into their lives. 

The bride-to-be continued: “So we really need y’all to open your wallets and just give a little bit.”

Bizarrely she offered some gifts for people willing to donate, which started off at anything under $1,000, where you get a thank-you card with a lipstick kiss.

The prizes got wackier, as anyone who’s willing to hand over up to $1,500 would get the bride’s thong, though she confirmed it was with the groom’s consent. 

Up to $2,500 gets you a bottle of wine and Lindt chocolates fed to you, while up to $5,000 will see you be invited to the couple’s honeymoon. 

And the ‘ultimate prize’ was being whisked on a weekend away with the couple, reserved for people donating up to $6,000. 

The post has racked up hundreds of comments, with one person saying: “They get trashier the more we learn.”

Another wrote: “I cannot get over how proudly tacky some people are.”

A third commented: “How do these people have friends to begin with?”

This person asked: “And what was the deal with the chocolates being ‘fed’ to you as well? Creepy!”

While someone else added: “This reads like something someone would post on their OnlyFans, rather than to actual friends.”

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