Tricky brain teaser challenges you to find the pencil between school buses in under 38 seconds – can you spot it? – The Sun

IT may almost be the start of bank holiday weekend but are you up for putting your brain to the test?

As kids prepare to go back to school, we have a tricky puzzle for you to get your thinking caps on.

The brain teaser challenges internet users to find a pencil hidden among some yellow school buses.

It may look simple, but can you do the puzzle – created by GoSimpleTax, the tax return software company – in under 38 seconds?

The image is full of overlapping shapes, meaning the pencil is very well hidden.

Still stuck? We’ve included the answer for you below…

Want another brain teaser to give your brain a workout?

A different puzzle challenges you to find a toaster among a sea of luggage – and it's a lot harder than it sounds.

The image is full of colourful cases, meaning the kitchen appliance is very well hidden.

According to creators Holiday Extras, people spend an average of 43 seconds trying to spot the toaster.

So, how long will it take you?


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