Vitra Launches Two New Sustainable Chair Models

Famed furniture label Vitra recently held the Vitra Summit looking at the future of art and design, with two new sustainable chairs unveiled during the digital conference. The new styles include the EVO-C, designed by Jasper Morrison, and a new version of the Tip Ton chair that was designed in collaboration with Barber & Osgerby in 2011.

The EVO-C chair features a cantilevered construction, owing much to the iconic Vitra Panton Chair designed by Verner Panton. The model has been built using a gas injection moulding technology, which extra flex, support and comfort, while its design allows it to almost disappear into the shape of the sitter. The design and construction of the EVO-C means that the chair will last for decades, relating to Morrison’s “super normal” approach to furniture with long a lifespan.

For the new Tip Ton RE, Vitra has reconstructed the Tip Top chair from a new material of locally-sourced household waste. The chair comes in a grey with flecks of color poking through. This is the color of the processed materials without any extra colorants added to the material. The material is finished with a small amount of glass fiber, and its 100 percent recyclable when the Tip Ton RE chair is at the end of its product life span.

Take a look at the two new chairs in the gallery above, and head over to the Vitra website for more information.

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