We’re pregnant triplets… once two of us were expecting we egged on our sister so we could all have babies together

SIBLINGS can be close, but these triplets are so close that they intentionally got pregnant at the same time as each other.

Gina, Nina and Victoria, all 35, from Orange County, Los Angeles, are getting prepared to give birth to their kids later this year – and they couldn’t be more excited.

The trio are set to welcome two boys and a girl in July, August and November and the family are sure to be very close.

Speaking to CBS Los Angeles, Victoria had joked that she and Nina egged on Gina once they discovered that were pregnant.

Victoria said: “Once we found out that Nina was pregnant, we encouraged Gina.”

The sisters are now making memories in matching outfits and often share maternity clothes with each other.

They revealed that they’ve already picked out their babies’ names.

Gina said: “I’m actually the oldest by four minutes and I’m having a girl and her name is Leighton Grace.”

Nina followed: “I’m in the middle by four minutes and I’m having a boy and his name is Hendrix Paul.”

Victoria added: “I’m the youngest by four minutes and then eight minutes and having a boy.

“His name is Zaden Seth.”

The girls have everything planned out and are intending to have all their children delivered at The Women’s Hospital at Memorial Care Saddleback Medical in Laguna Hills.

Everything is planned to a T and are having Dr. Daniel Sternfield deliver all their tots.

Dr Daniel beamed at the idea of the girls’ story and can’t wait to be a part of it.

He said: “The interesting thing is they had prenatal appointments all in the same day, so it clicked with me that this is a wonderful story of these three sisters who are all pregnant and having babies at the same time.”

I’ve got 11 siblings & we were all born in the same year, my parents even gave us all names beginning with M.

I’ve got 13 siblings & I’d warn anyone off a big family – you never get enough attention & eldest parent the little ones.

I’m a mum-of-seven at 24 including THREE sets of twins so I got my tubes tied, people troll me for being a young mum.

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