What does ER stand for in the Queen's signature?

HAVE you ever wondered what ER stands for in the Queen's signature?

The monarch's initials are seen all around the Commonwealth, here's what you need to know.

What does ER stand for?

The Queen signs all official documents with ER which stands for Elizabeth Regina.

Regina is not a name she was given at birth but is actually Latin for Queen.

ER is the current monarch's Royal Cypher – the monogram used which has Queen Elizabeth's initials.

It can also be written as E II R showing that she is Elizabeth the second.

Where is ER used?

Nowadays, the royal cypher is most often seen on the iconic red post boxes in many parts of the United Kingdom.

It's also on government buildings across the Commonwealth, government papers and duty stamps.

The Queen's cypher is also found on the clothes of some of the Royal staff, includingthe trumpeters, as well as navy and army uniforms.

What will Prince Charles' royal cypher be?

It's not yet known what Prince Charles' royal cypher will be as his name may change when he becomes king.

Some royal historians argue that two other King Charles met unfortunate fates, so it's likely Prince Charles will not use this name.

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