What your favorite color reveals about your personality – you could be super insecure or ‘need to get laid’

YOUR favorite color can reveal secrets about you, but you might not want to hear what the personality test has to say.

One content creator shared the less-than-flattering traits you might exhibit based on your favorite color.

On her TikTok account, Lynea D'Aprix shares fun facts and interesting stories, along with personality tests that keep her 279.5k followers captivated.

She came out swinging at the start of the video, schooling her viewers on the misconceptions they may be subject to.

"If your favorite color is red, you probably love to think you're confident but you actually have a lot of insecurities you need to work with," D'Aprix said.

"You probably go to the gym a lot, you probably drink a lot of caffeine, but you also probably have a weird hobby."


Your favorite color reveals if you’re intimidating or trustworthy

If you love sapphire, cobalt, or navy, D'Aprix had a scathing summary of your personality.

"Blue people just radiate friend zone energy," she stated.

"Like, I'm so sorry you're probably really nice to your grandma, but you probably need to get laid."

That's not all: you're probably a slob, too.

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"Go clean the back of your car," D'Aprix said.

But she added a caveat. "None of that applies to light blue people, by the way," she said, though she provided no additional information.

Anyone who loves yellow doesn't "fool" D'Aprix.

"Some people think sunshine and flowers," she said. "I think deep down inside of you you wanna get into a bar fight and see if you could win.

"Also, stop thinking about what your ex said like a year ago, gross."

The next color on the list was instantly maligned as a weird pick.

"I'm convinced no sane person would actually pick green as their favorite," D'Aprix said.

There are only a few reasons someone might choose the shade.

"Maybe you're an artist or maybe you just associate the color with plants and you're an 'aesthetic' person."

Her assessment of orange fans sounded complimentary at first.

"If you like orange you probably have ADHD and are also fantastic in bed," she said.

"But you also probably don't eat the crust on your pizza for some reason and you pick your nose in your car."

Finally, D'Aprix had stern words for goths – or would-be goths.

"If you pick black your indecisiveness is going to ruin your life," D'Aprix said.

"That's giving me an answer without actually giving me an answer, ok? Go discuss it with your therapist."

In the comments section, viewers felt thoroughly roasted by the cheeky insults.

"My favorite color is green and I’m an artist," one viewer wrote, adding plenty of cry-laughing emojis.

"My favorite color is red and I am nothing like that," another commenter defended.

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"I am very confident, only have a couple of insecurities and I don’t think skateboarding is weird?"

D'Aprix recognized that not all colors were represented, and teased a part two coming in the future, smirking with a bright pink screen behind her.

D'Aprix claimed no one 'sane' would love green above other colorsCredit: TikTok

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