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SOME old traditions of the monarchy seem strange in the modern era, more suited to medieval times.

The Sovereign's Bodyguard is one such thing, we take a look at the guard tasked to protect the King.

Who are the Sovereign's Bodyguard?

The Sovereign's Bodyguard is the name given to three ceremonial units who are tasked with guarding the sovereign.

It consists of The Gentleman at Arms, The Yeoman of the Guard and The Royal Company of Archers.

Having a bodyguard detail is nothing new for King Charles III, even before his ascension to the throne his life has involved such matters from a young age.

Even when studying at university, then Prince Charles, had a security guard while at Cambridge.


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He would have to attend all lectures with him and even lived on campus also.

Some stories tell that the guard was permitted to sit the exams such was his attendance and actually attained a 2:1, compared to Charles' 2:2 but this was debunked by Varsity, the University of Cambridge's online magazine.

Who are His Majesty's Body Guard of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms?

The Gentleman at Arms are the most senior group of the sovereign's bodyguards.

Members attend the Sovereign at State arrivals of foreign Heads of State, the Garter service at Windsor, the State Opening of Parliament, and the evening reception held by the Sovereign for the Diplomatic Corps.

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As a result, they are classed as the 'nearest guard' to the King.

The order consists of five officers (the Captain, the Lieutenant, the Standard Bearer, the Clerk of the Cheque, and the Harbinger) and 27 Gentlemen at Arms.

The uniform is that of a Heavy Dragoon Guards officer of the 1840s.

It has a skirted red coat with Garter blue velvet cuffs and facings embroidered with the Tudor royal badge of the Portcullis.

Helmets with white swan feather plumes are worn when on duty, even in church.

Who are King's Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard?

This is the oldest established military corps still in service in the United Kingdom.

The Yeomen of the Guard was created by Henry VII in 1485 after the battle of Bosworth.

Unlike the Gentlemen at Arms, all members of the Yeoman Guard are former warrant or non-commissioned officers of the British forces.

Yeoman Guard can be distinguished by their cross belts, worn from the left shoulder.

They carry a sword, which is not drawn, and a halberd known as a 'partisan'.

Who are Royal Company of Archers, the King's Body Guard for Scotland?

The Royal Company of Archers functions as the Sovereign's 'Body Guard in Scotland'.

Their most regular duty is to be in attendance at His Majesty's annual garden party at the Palace of Holyrood house.

Aside from its role as the Sovereign’s bodyguard, the Royal Company of Archers still functions as an archery club, which is what it was originally formed as in 1676.

It has 530 members who must all be Scots or have strong Scottish connections.

What role will the Sovereign's Bodyguard have in King Charles' Coronation?

In the morning King Charles and Queen's Consort Camilla will travel from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey in the Diamond Jubilee Stage Coach and will be accompanied by the Sovereign's Bodyguard and the Royal Watermen.

Afterwards, the Coronation Procession will go from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace and will be accompanied by the Sovereign's Bodyguard.

King Charles and Queen Camilla, as she will be known after the coronation, will be in the Gold Stage Coach as the guards travel alongside them in the procession.

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