Why is January 2 known as Baby-Making Day and why is it the most popular day for couple’s to conceive? – The Sun

TODAY is National Baby-Making Day! Yes, really… it’s an actual day when couples head to the bedroom in the hope of conceiving.

Here’s more about this bizarre day that is actually incredibly popular.

What is National Baby-Making Day all about?

The weird day falls on January 2 every year – and is seen as the day millions of couples will try to conceive a child.

A recent study found wannabe parents will get frisky at around 10.36pm.

Official figures show that September 26 is the most common birthday in the UK – this is exactly 38 weeks after Baby-Making Day.

Research suggests around 71 per cent of wannabe parents will be having sex on the night of January 2.

But what’s so special about January 2?

According to fertility experts, the day is particularly popular with couples looking to expand their family for a number of reasons.

These include a desire for a September baby – so their child is among the oldest in their school year.

Couples will also want to get frisky on this day as for many it’s a chance to spend some special time together before returning to work.

Sex is also the perfect post-New Year hangover cure.

What's the most popular day to find out if you're pregnant?

More women find out they are pregnant on January 17 than at any other time of year – just for the record that is exactly two weeks after National Baby-Making Day.

Experts reckon more than 10,000 women nervously take pregnancy tests on January 17 so they can start planning for a new arrival.

According to Channel Mum, "pregnancy-test addiction" is also on the rise, with women taking an average of six different pregnancy tests to make sure they really are expecting.

A startling 62 per cent of mums-to-be carry on taking tests despite already having a positive result – spending an average of £30.

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