Woman creates budget laundry corner for £25 using B&M bargains and Stacey Solomon would love it

DIY fans have been left impressed with one woman's efforts to use up dead space in her kitchen to create the "utility room" she has always wanted – and on a budget.

Posting to Facebook, the mum explained that her house "wasn't big enough" to have a utility room, so she decided to get creative with a corner in her kitchen which housed her washing machine.

Using bargain finds from B&M, Ikea and The Range, she was able to put together a cute little laundry corner that not only added some character to her kitchen, but only cost in total £25.

The woman shared a picture of the finished result in Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK and her post was liked by thousands, who seemed keen to recreate it themselves.

She explained: "I always wanted a utility room but my house wasn't big enough.

"So, I decided to do this little corner in my kitchen and I love. Total cost £25."

Listing where she snapped up her laundry accessories, the savvy shopper revealed her wall shelf is from B&M (£9) and the sign that reads "This Home Has Endless Love and Laundy" costs £4.99 from The Range.

She picked up her white plant pots for £1 each at Ikea and her white laundry tray from Poundland, while her £3 laundry hanger sign was a budget buy from Matalan a few years back.

Making like Stacey Solomon, she snapped up glass jars and labels to go with them to dispense all her laundry products into – getting rid of product bottles for a chicer finish.

"This is gorgeous," commented one person on her post, while another said: "Looks beautiful."

Pointing out potential extra storage space, a third suggested: "Looks lovely. You could even push your washer more to the left and utilise the space beside it on the right, with a little cupboard to put all your detergents in.

"My mum did this in her small bathroom, next to the sink and put rolled up towels in there!!!"

Others were keen to put together something similar in their own homes, with one person adding: "This is what I want to do above the washer."

The makeshift utility corner is something we reckon laundry room queen and mum-of-three Stacey would love.

Following her move to Pickle Cottage, Stacey was forced to give up her "pink room" that housed her washing machine and all her laundry essentials, but that didn't stop her from transforming her dingy boiler cupboard into a stylish laundry space.

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