Woman decorates her CAR with £6.99 B&M lights and everyone’s saying the same thing

A WOMAN has revealed how she has decorated the inside of her car with £6.99 B&M lights.

Taking to Facebook, she showed how she had put the coloured lights in her foot well and they “flash to the beat of the music” with a special setting.

On the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK page, she wrote: “For anyone that likes to do a bit to their car!

“These were £6.99 out of home bargains. 

“It says for front as back foot wells as it comes with 4 strips, but I’ve got all mine at the front! 

“Plugs into the cigarette lighter, comes with a control to change colour.”

Many people said they wanted to copy her and snap up the lights. 

One said: “Omg I need these.”

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And one added: “I bought these to amuse my disabled son when he’s in the back seat.”

However, one questioned if they are allowed, and wrote: “I have these but been told they are illegal and could get pulled over for using them so never turn them on?”

It's a common myth that having the inside lights on when driving could land you in trouble.

You might have been told that having the interior lights of a car on when the vehicle is moving is illegal and could get you a fine or points on your licence.

But this is actually one of the biggest motoring myths out there.

However, having your interior lights on could still cause problems.

If you're pulled over for bad driving, for example, and it's decided that the interior lights being on was the cause, you could get charged for careless driving.

And if you've turned the lights on because you've dropped something or are rummaging in the glove box, then you could find yourself in trouble for driving without due care and attention.

You should also make sure that your lights are not a distraction to other drivers.

The Highway Code says you must not "use any lights in a way which would dazzle or cause discomfort to other road users".

It also says you should avoid distractions such as loud music, trying to read maps, or eating and drinking – so if you've got a light on to do any of these things, you could get pulled over.

Another common motoring myth is that it's illegal to eat while driving.

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