Woman horrified with fake tan fail as she ends up dyeing her toenails a gross shade of brown

A WOMAN’S fake tanning session backfired badly after she ended up dyeing her toenails a gross shade of brown. 

We all know to wear gloves when applying tan so we don’t ruin our nails – or darken our hands – but it seems one woman forgot the golden rule of fake tanning. 

Rather than wearing socks, putting Vaseline on her toes or applying tan with a brush to avoid her nails, she slathered the tan all over herself. 

To her horror when she went to remove the colour, she discovered it had turned her nails a fetching shade of yellow-ish brown. 

Her sister, Bridget, shared a clip of her tanning mishap on TikTok, saying: “Fake tan will do u like that.”

The woman, a ballerina, seemingly wanted to give her feet a boost ahead of the warm weather, saying: “Sandal season is coming ladies.” 

Her mishap has racked up nearly two million views, as people sympathised with her situation. 

One person joked: “Mummified feet straight from the deepest coffins in Egypt.”

Someone else wrote: “I legit thought you were filming the feet of a corpse.”

A third commented: “I’m literally crying crying.”

Instantly recognising the beauty blunder, this person added: “Got them spray tan toes.” 

All we can suggest is slapping some dark nail polish over the top while it fades. 

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