Woman mortified after buying a ‘cute’ black dress online but it’s so small it doesn’t cover her boobs or privates

A LITTLE black dress is always in fashion – it's chic, timeless and sexy.

But a woman who splashed out on what she thought was going to be a "cute" LBD was mortified when it arrived, and didn't cover her boobs or her nether regions.

She took to TikTok to share a video of herself modelling the dress, which featured an extremely plunging neckline and large splits on each thigh.

"So I bought a new dress off Amazon. It looked really really cute online, but on me… I’m just dying," she laughed.

"This is the dress," she continued. "I’m laughing because I just can’t decide what to do.

"There’s not enough fabric here and there’s definitely not enough fabric here."

Failing to conceal her laughter, she continued: "I’m giggling, sorry, because it’s funny to me – I have a very cute body but I’ve been duped by Amazon, dammit!"

Despite her embarrassment over the dress, the majority of commenters told her she looked amazing in the ensemble.

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"I think it looks good on you," one person wrote, while another added: "I love the way it looks!"

"That is absolutely gorgeous on you," a third person wrote.

"I see no issues," someone else commented.

In another video, she explained that she'd managed to make the dress wearable by adding a pair of black shorts and a corset.

"Mmm well done. Although it was fine before," one person commented on the video.

In other fashion news, River Island have launched a new activewear range. Check it out here.

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