Woman shares simple hack using empty tea light holders & you’ll never have to clean your wax burner again

WAX burners have become an essential for keeping your home smelling fresh, but they can often be a pain to clean.

Scraping away at the melted wax on top of your burner can not only be time-consuming but a pain too, but what if we told you there's a simple yet genius hack that ensures you'll never have to clean your wax burner again.

One TikTok account shared how they keep their wax burner in perfectly clean condition and all it involves is making use of those empty tea light holders you were probably going to throw away.

Magnificent Wax Melts had both a perfect and practical solution for anyone who hates cleaning their wax burners.

Simply take an empty tea light holder, place it on top of your burner and stick your wax melts into the holder.

They still melt the same and smell amazing while doing so, only this way your burner remains mess free – saving you an extra cleaning job.

So simple yet brilliant, right? Those that came across the video – that has been watched over 325k times online – were so shocked they hand't already thought of the trick.

"You have just changed my world. Why have I never thought of this," commented one person.

Another said: "Great idea," while one more seemed keen to try as they added: "Omg, I hate cleaning them."

A fourth wrote: "How have I not thought of this."

"Oh my god you are a friggin legend," gushed another viewer, before adding: "I stopped using mine because of this."

Something tells us they'll be reaching for that wax burner now in no time.

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