Woman shares the outfit she's wearing to see her in-laws – but people say it's so revealing, she needs a turtleneck | The Sun

A WOMAN has gone viral after revealing the outfit she's planning to wear to visit her in-laws – some reckon she needs to wear a jumper underneath.

Stylish TikTok user Mannyboo (@manny_boo), from Houston, Texas, took the internet by storm earlier this week after sharing a snippet of the dress she was wearing to meet her man's parents.

After deciding she wanted to wear a stunning dress with various cutout detailing, Manny, who is now pregnant, realised it needed to be a ''bit more modest''.

To fix the situation, the mum to-be put on a bra and tried to tie the straps of the flowery dress in different ways.

After going over and under the lacy bra several times, the crafty fashionista had finally completed the mini makeover, describing herself as: ''Versatile queen.''

Obsessed with the hack, she chuckled: ''This is f***ing cute – and you can't tell me otherwise.

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''This is as modest as she gets, okay, with my pink purse and my pink heels.''

But whilst Manny looked fabulous in the garment, not everyone approved of the look – some reckoned it was miles away from being modest.

''Absolutely gorgeous! I could never around my in-laws though,'' commented one fashion critic.

Someone else agreed, adding: ''ooh my MIL would have a heart attack. cute af tho.''

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''I still think that’s a bit yikes for in-laws,'' a third insisted.

Others were not fans of the summery dress altogether – and one meanie even said she needed to cover up more.

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''Not me, thinking put a turtleneck under.''

''Why does it have to be that dress?'' a fellow style lover was baffled.

It's not just Manny's outfit that's gone viral on TikTok – recently one gym bunny took the internet by storm after working out with a major underboob.

When it comes to working out, you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable – and for Marisol Yotta that means teeny tops with her boobs peeking through.

The young woman, who posts under the username @marisol.yotta123 on TikTok, regularly shares workout videos online.

But rather than her enviable figure or the dedicated fitness routine, it's more the outfits that have got social media users talking.

By now, her 158.8k fans will know that Marisol avoids wearing tops – she will much rather rock sports bras so tiny that her girls will be almost falling out.

It's not just gym where the rising social media star opts for the less is better approach – her regular garments often see an underboob too.

But although her stunning beauty has certainly amassed her a notable fanbase of hopeful would-be Romeos, Marisol has also found a number of trolls.

Seeing her fashion choices at the gym, many reckon that the young woman is ''trying too hard''.

''Essence of vulgarity,'' one TikTok fan commented.

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Another shared their opinion on Marisol's assets, writing: ''It just looks funny waaaay too big [sic].''

Despite the level of trolling, Marisol has not yet addressed the negative remarks.

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