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WITH pubs, bars and clubs shutting up shop over the past few months due to the coronavirus crisis, many people have been missing their go-to cocktails.

But one woman has taken TikTok by storm, sharing the perfect recipes for making Wetherspoons' iconic cocktails right from your home.

Paying homage to the popular pub chain, the thirsty TikTok user shared the recipes for a number of the bar's most popular cocktail pitchers, including Purple Rain, Ginberry Fizz, Blue Lagoon and Ultra Violet.

To make the Purple Rain cocktail, she recommends filling a jug three-quarters full with ice, adding 50ml of cherry sours, 50ml of blue Curaçao and pouring enough lemonade in to cover the ice cubes. Then mix the drink together and serve.

For a pitcher of Ultra Violet, she suggests three quarters of a jug of ice, mixed with 100ml parma violet gina and two cans of Monster Ultra.

As for the chain’s iconic Blue Lagoon tipple, she mixes a jug filled three-quarters with ice, 50ml Smirnoff vodka. 50ml blue Curaçao, two dashes of lime cordial and a splash of lemonade.

The recipe for Ginberry Fizz requires ice, 50ml Chombord, 50ml pink gin and a hearty pouring of lemonade to top it off.

The viral videos have gone down a storm online, toting up thousands of likes and comments from like-minded drinkers who miss the sugary refreshment of a Spoons tipple.

One person joked, "I’m saving this for personal reasons."

Another said: "YOU'RE A GODSEND, I've missed this drink so much!"

Wetherspoons employees have given these recipes their seal of approval. One person wrote "As a Spoons employee, this is great!"

Others were shocked to see what their cocktails are actually made up of – particularly the caffeine-packed Ultra Violet.

One woman exclaimed,  "Two pitchers of this a night really explains why I never slept omg!"

The cocktail-making tutorials have been so successful that people are begging for more.

Viewers have already put in their requests in, with Mango Monster Mash, Very Cherry, Godfather, Tuti Fruiti, Long Island Ice Tea and Bubble Gin all proving popular.

One person begged,"Please make this a series!"

Another lamented an old favourite which is no longer serves at Wetherspoons.

The TikTok user wrote, "My all time fave was the Cheeky V and I literally wanted to cry when they got rid of it."

Plenty of people were quick to tag their favourite drinking buddies in the cocktail videos, making plans to replicate the recipes at home.

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