Woman terrified after finding creepy hangman drawings hidden underneath her kitchen cabinets

A WOMAN discovered a mysterious hole in her kitchen and, on further investigation, some even more sinister art work hidden inside it.

TikToker @anxiousweenie69 explained that had been hunting for her new kitten that was hiding when she made the startling discovery.

In the short video she showed viewers her cat and pointed out the places they looked for the missing kitten.

She said: "So, me and my boyfriend got a new kitty recently and she was hiding.

"We were trying to find out where she was. We tried looking behind the couch and we couldn't find her anywhere.

"Then we look in the kitchen and we see that there's a hole here."

She then showed viewers the creepy hole in her skirting, holding out her hand to give an indication of its size.

The TikToker then put the camera into the hole to reveal a series of haunting hangman style pictures.

She said: "This hole is really tiny compared to my hand, but when you go in here, there's a picture. I don't know what the hell that means."

Other TikTok users were terrified by the disturbing discovery.

One said: "O hell no, that's how scary movies begin."

While another added: "YOU GOTTA MOVE OUT."

Many weren't expecting the sweet pet video to take such a dark turn.

One said: "I just wanted this to be a cute kitten video."

Another agreed: "What the heck I thought this was going to be a wholesome cat video."

While another had a slightly left-field suggestion: "Your kitty is an artist, encourage her."

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